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Latest on Lawler: Concern, Vince McMahon Note, Fan Video and More

– Below is fan video of paramedics tending to Jerry Lawler at RAW last night. The video was shot from high up but press play at your own discretion.

– Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho commented on Lawler via Twitter:

“Best wishes and prayers to @JerryLawler one of my favorite people in the WWE. King has been a champion for 40 yrs and he’ll beat this too!”

– Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of are reporting the following details on Lawler early Tuesday morning:

* Lawler wrestled both Friday and Saturday nights in Aruba before heading back to the States and flying to Montreal for RAW yesterday. People with Lawler over the weekend said he had no signs of health problems

* Lawler, still listed in stable condition, had either some kind of heart surgery or a Cardiac catheterization, reports are conflicting. Cardiac catheterization is where a catheter is inserted into a chamber in the heart for investigational and interventional purposes

* There was some concern about blood being cut off to Lawler’s brain and potential damage from that

* While Lawler’s condition is stable, it’s described as still a very serious situation

* Vince McMahon was said to be right by Lawler’s side through the entire ordeal

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    its good that yofits comments have been removed from many posts about lawler today either that or the mods here have banned him if so good

  • r8tedme

    If you wanna open up a can of whoop ass on Yofits give me a Hell Yeah!

    and in Triple H’s voice, “Get well soon King Fish” You’re gonna beat this and we’re all rooting for you, so drop that strap and show them who’s boss King! 🙂

  • Dystre Fjell

    I witnessed this live last night and let me tell you, it changed the whole pace of the show. Really scary and concerning, best wishes to the King and a speedy recovery !!

  • Cboz78

    People getting mad a trolls is worse than trolls trolling, get a brain idiots. Stop reacting to his comments and ignore it!

  • Furrie

    God speed Jerry and we’ll see ya soon!!! God bless… Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!!!

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  • mark

    Even Vince Mcmahon has a conscience when it comes to something like this. Maybe Jerry would be better not coming back, he is getting on a bit now. Maybe work backstage as an agent or official.

  • Dick Cockwrinkle

    Just sitting here watching RAW at the part when he collapsed, it gave me chills knowing what was happening. You listen carefully you can hear King breathing deeply then they pan out and you see him slumped at the desk and Cole checking on him. Hope he has a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with him.

  • Nooch

    He was making a joke about what an asshole Vince is, always FURIOUS about something backstage. Wasn’t about Lawler, it was about Vince. Everybody change your panties, and lets move past this.

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  • pulgeezy

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  • I hope lawyler pulls through i would really hate to see wwe lose one of the greatest announcers that they have ever had. im praying for him

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  • Buttercastle

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pushes you down a long flight of stairs.