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Latest on a Lesnar vs. HHH Rematch, WWE Poll on Maddox, ’13

– The WWE ’13 video game is now officially in stores. THQ had the game set up backstage at Monday’s RAW and it has received rave reviews from several outlets so far.

– WWE’s website has a new poll up asking if referee Brad Maddox should be punished for his actions at Hell In a Cell. “Yes” currently has 87% of the vote.

– We noted before that Brock Lesnar was discussed as a possible option for interference during the Ryback vs. CM Punk match at Hell In a Cell. The Lesnar idea was reportedly dropped because of his recent feud with Triple H so it appears that a HHH vs. Lesnar rematch is still happening.

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  • barry horowitz

    again I agree with you SYM it seems anybody that has momentum or comes in hot like lesnar or when punk cut that promo here comes HHH to stroke his ego…I like triple h as a performer and even somewhat as a person I wish he had enough self esteem and confidence in his legacy to be content with what he’s achieved instead of continuing to make himself the revolving center of everything,and brock needs to take some time or roids or whatever and get back to being what he used to be cuz him using MMA shit in the ring just doesnt look good,I preferred powerhouse suplexing brock to goofy striking (everyone who watches MMA knows he isnt a striker.) armbar using brock.

  • SYM

    I thought lesnar was brought in to put over new talent, not stroke HHH’s ego, beating him was good for a build now use him to put over guys like dolph Ziggler or ryback or Sheamus

  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    I don’t want to see a Lesnar/Triple H rematch, but yes, I will still be watching WrestleMania. Point being… it’s fucking WrestleMania! And although the quality in Manias lately haven’t been as good without the likes of Shawn Michaels and good main events with someone other than John Cena, it’s still WrestleMania. And we’re always guaranteed an Undertaker match, although it’s still up in the air if he’s competing next year or not. And I love Triple H, but the reason I personally don’t want to see a rematch is because it proves nothing if he wins. Big deal, he gets his win back. After losing to Cena, which he shouldn’t have, Lesnar needed that win. And now he should move on to something else. He should be there anyway, to earn some of that guaranteed $5 million, that he’s not really deserving right now.

    The guy’s worked 2 matches in 6 months and been gone since SummerSlam. But while I don’t WANT to see that match, if it’s on the card, I’m obviously going to watch it as I’ll most likely be watching WM 29. Point though, is it doesn’t need to happen. There’s no overwhelming demand for it. There are much better matches at Mania both Triple H and Lesnar could have with other opponents.

  • Nicholas

    The rematch most likely won’t happen until Wrestlmania. If Undertaker not wrestling at WM this year. Brock Lasner vs HHH will fill in at the can’t miss match of the night. For those who say they don’t want ot see it you will still be watching it anyway so what is you point.

  • D2K

    @FanSince99: Ha! You’ve got the right idea bro.

  • Pete

    I’m from the UK and the game doesnt come out until november 2nd and i cant wait

  • Apacaveli

    Is It Me Or Does Brad Maddox Looks Like He Is Related To Eric Bischoff.

  • scooter

    WWE 13 aint out eveywhere yet though just North America.

  • FanSince99

    I’ll tune back in in January

  • Billy Anthony Karen Aid Nigel Kirk

    Best thing about lesnar being back in the wwe is Paul Heyman!
    Hopefully one day we see Cm punk vs brock with Paul as Special guest Referee. <– That will be sweeet.

  • Baz

    The Rock Vs HHH at Mania with HHH turning heel – those 2 always tore it up

  • icp

    Wrestlemania 29

    Cena vs Rock for WWE Title
    Lesnar vs HHH (Last Man Standing? Hell in a Cell? I quit?)
    Undertaker vs Kane/Big Show?
    Punk vs Ryback

  • dave

    i dont want to see HHH v Lesnar 2. HHH is boring. we have seen him already. storyline wise who cares if he beats lesnar. stupid story. let lesnar work with fun people like Rock of Takewr

  • xXx

    why dont they just make him part of the active roster already instead of making him a referee?