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Latest On Melina’s Rumored Booking Fee, Reby Sky Decides Wrestling Future

— Melina Perez continues to stir controversy even outside WWE as reports surfaced last week that the recently released Diva is seeking $3,000 and first class accommodations to appear at independent wrestling events. Women Superstars Uncensored, who is advertising Perez to appear at their Breaking Barriers II event on Nov. 11 in Union City, New Jersey, says her reported asking price is untrue.

The women’s wrestling league issued a statement on Twitter regarding the matter, which reads, “We will tell you now and squash rumors now. We are paying no where near that, whoever leaked that must have had an agenda.”

Melina poked fun at the rumor after arriving to New York City last Friday for an autograph signing. She wrote, “Just got off the plane after sippin’ on mimosas & taking a good, long nap in 1st class. Ready to party in NYC. Cuz I’m Melina B!tch*s!!!”

— Reby Sky announced that she has re-signed with Lucha Libre USA, where she acts as a featured personality.

WWE offered Sky, a former Playboy model, a developmental contract late last year, but was forced to decline due to her contract with Lucha Libre USA. Since then she has undergone wrestling training with Matt Hardy, her boyfriend, and competed at numerous independent events.

  • venom

    The Hurricane lives to be Frankenstein.

  • Tyler(:

    LOL Melina..

    Got over by spreading her legs, same backstage aswell.

  • stephen

    melina you talkin crap about trish stratus and got canned because that is vince’s favorite you know the iwc is not going to let you trash her like that you knew what you were doing you do not talk about trish stratus bitch what melina and gail don’t realize wwe doesn’t owe you anything . i dont’ care if it’s trish, rock or austin a wwe star talks crap about them your ass is fired simple as that. i would love to see melina back in wwe hopefully this release don’t last long but if she comes or go to tna she needs to work on her attitude

  • Jimbo

    I still LOL @ the Melina white knights. Because I can.

  • Valo487

    I don’t particularly hate Melina, but I can’t say I’m fond of her either, as I believe her behavior and conduct is responsible for not only her release but also for John Morrison never having gotten higher than he is now despite having a solid fan following and a very unique moveset. I don’t really care what she does outside the ring for the most part, but some of the rumors about her are true (Batista) and I believe backlash from her behavior is keeping Morrison from being able to get a more solid push. Just my two cents.

  • Devil_Rising

    Well what do ya know, haters? Turns out it WAS BS. Yet so many of you, who hate the SHIT out of Melina for whatever reason (even though she’s always been a good wrestler), were so eager and willing to jump on all over the rumor.

    Then again, that’s the same crowd we’re talking about that had people saying they were glad Shane Helms got in a wreck, and hoped he died. What a bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings…..