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Latest Messages from Bray Wyatt, Another Solid Match from Antonio Cesaro, Axel as Babyface

– Here are some of Bray Wyatt’s latest tweets:

“Time is a concept THEY created to make sure you never know what it is to be free. -Bray Wyatt Disobey? #DownWithTheMachine”

“@WWE Crazy is a label that learning men use to explain things they cant understand. Im only as crazy as you are blind #DownWithTheMachine”

– Antonio Cesaro continues to receive “match of the night” and “match of the year” mentions. He wrestled Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel in a 30 minute match that was called “match of the night” at last night’s WWE live event in Sydney, Australia. Axel worked as a babyface and a fan in attendance noted that he played the role well.

  • poko

    Unfortunately, one of the dangers of being that good inside the ring is that the WWE might decide to use him to make other guys look good. Just like Daniel Bryan, Cesaro can pull a solid match out of anyone, so they might foolishly decide to keep him on the midcard so he can job out and put other performers over. I hope not. Of course, he also needs time to evolve his character. Creative has muddled up who he’s supposed to be very badly.

    Still, if WWE management has any sense, he’ll get to the top eventually. I’d love to see him feud against Punk, Ziggler, or even Cena.

  • Nick

    This is literally like the 3rd or 4th time in the past month I’ve read something about Cesaro putting on a great match and getting honorable mentions for them. One of them was against Sheamus that got a standing ovation after it, another against Sami Zayne on NXT, and the 3rd was against someone else..forgot who but now he put on a great match with Axel? Let’s not forget his phenomenal bout with Bryan on Raw…when will WWE start taking notice of this and give the guy a freakin’ push? -.-