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Latest on Mysterio’s Injury, Truth-Morrison Match Changed, Vince High on Del Rio

– Before the John Morrison vs. R-Truth match on Monday’s RAW, they were told to re-do the layout of the match and cut three minutes off of what was originally planned. R-Truth wasn’t happy about the change.

– Vince McMahon is very high on Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. It’s said when Del Rio and Rodriguez are out doing their thing, Vince stands backstage and watches with a smile on his face.

– Rey Mysterio blew out his knee in the match against Alberto Del Rio on Monday’s RAW during a baseball slide. Rey couldn’t walk at all backstage after the match. He had an MRI done last week and noted he had another one yesterday on Twitter, which apparently wasn’t part of the storyline after all. The word on Monday was that Rey wasn’t going to have surgery on his knee but after the blow out at RAW, he might end up having surgery instead of going through more rehab.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • hi

    rey has been injury pron for a long time now and as for del rio that guy is a idiot there is plent more that deserve a champ run over him

  • Matt

    just amputate his legs and be done with it

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, your completely wrong about your first comment……………..since when could ADR truly make more money for Vince than CM Punk? Haha, but I’m just hoping ADR ends up as a corporate champion for a possible HHH Corporation stable.

  • Sean Mooney

    “Vince stands backstage and watches with a smile on his face.”

    LMAO, I’d like to know the origins and legitimacy behind that scoop. Does Vince giggle like a school girl when Del Rio and Ricardo call Rey a “little chiguagua”?

  • shawn

    my opinion on the del rio post: i bet VKM looks like mighty mouse just like del rio does when he smiles.

  • venom

    Everybody is crying about Cena and then complain Del Rio is champion. Stupid marks. My complaint about Cena was he was always champion, but now we have Del Rio. At least he is somebody different. I think he will keep the title for the rest of the year.

    @CM Mark

    Punk is rumored to be facing Austin at Wrestlemania. If he does, I think that is appreciation.

  • breezy

    as long as del rio has everyone hating and booing him, he is doing everything right. no he wont do what cm punk did with cena because he isnt cm punk. it all matters of how they book del riois how the outcome of the storyline ends. if they book him to be at his best then we can see a great story. if they chose to have him show up in mexico as champion then job to cena then we back to the same bullshit. it all matters of how wwe puts them out to be. cm punk didnt go do that promo on his own before money in the bank. they told him to go out there and speak his mind. just like they told him to lose to del rio because now cm punk doesnt need to be champion to get the crowd behind him. he is now in the ranks of john cena, randy orton, hhh shawn michaels, hulk hogan, ric flair. he will NOW be a legend when his time comes. delrio is the champion because he can draw and bring ratings. delrio is a character they tried for vladimir and great khali it didnt work for them. they wanted international stars that can shine. and delrio is a new ric flair or jbl he is the ROCK. someone who thinks he is better then everyone.

  • mark

    hate to say this but i think Reys time is up

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Whoa whoa whoa! I know everyone is entitled to their personal opinion but Hispanic Ric Flair knockoff? Del Rio is nothing like Flair aside from the expensive suits… Flair did not go on stage with a car, Flair did not have a personal announcer, Flair wasn’t as technically sound, need I go on? Everyone bitches about Cena saying the same shit… You bandwagon jumpers are ALWAYS saying the same. I don’t know what is worse, all those Cena fans shrieking at the top of their lungs or the CM Punk skidmarks bitching and moaning daily.

  • John

    Why was my comment taken down?

  • John

    Cm Punk displayed a rare abilty to make a John Cena fued actually interesting. ADR isn’t good enough to follow suit. It’ll be just another “ADR says he’s rich and better than the fans. Cena says he stands up for the WWE Universe and will fight him for all the underdogs” bulls**t Cena angle that we’ve seen again and again from this guy. How have things gone back to s**t so quickly? The Cena/Punk fued still had room to develope but instead WWE seperates the two and sticks Cena with a boring hispanic Ric Flair knock-off only less talanted. And they stick Punk with a 52 year-old man who can barely walk let alone wrestle. They took away one great fued and give us 1 boring one and another that prob won’t contain any actual wrestling.

  • Super Dave

    Jesus CM Mark, calm down and let the story play out. Shut up about Del Rio already as well you are such cry baby.

  • Maestro

    I think Vince is high on something else. Del Rio comes off boring to me. I don’t quite know why, but I just don’t see anything interesting about him to hold my attention.

  • John

    Vince must be the only one “high on Del Rio”. But I guess that’s all that matters. He’s not particularly entertaining or over. Just a boring re-tread of Ric Flair and JBL, only those guys did it better. WWE has been great for the last 2 months but I fear we’ve gone back to the usual same old s**t routine.

  • CM Mark

    Are you the new troll that means no one on here is allowed to have an opinion other than yours? If so, we’re gonna hve problems bud.

    I think it’s clear that Punk puts butts in seats, that’s not the reason he’s high on Del Rio. He wants that “target” audience, greed is still greed, no BUSINESS.

  • RAMSES 2


  • Sharktopus

    im no rey fan but id hate to see him retire, however he prolly should cuz hes in the same boat as undertaker. they r out injured more often then they arent. speaking of which, has taker even appeared on tv since wrestlemania? id hate to see undertaker retire but i think hes a little past due.

  • breezy

    rey mysterio puts his mask on the line in wrestlemania match lose and retire

  • josh

    what a maneuver lol. I can see Vince saying that there was too much wrestling going on

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    @Andy… you just TOLD him!

  • All Vince cares about is money? NO SHIT. It’s a business! But the funny thing you dont seem to realize is…in pro wrestling money means eyes on the screen and asses in seats. So clearly Vince isn’t the only one high on this.

  • CM Mark

    Of course Vince is high on Del Rio, all he cares about is money and he all he can see is dollar signs for all the new fans he’ll bring in. Vince is a mark for vince. I wish Punk had somewhere to go where he could actually be “appreciated”, and given an actual title run. I hate Vince.

  • al

    R Truth , CONSPIRACY!

  • rko

    It might be time for Rey to retire already. He’s going to end up like Hogan. The body can only take so much abuse.