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Latest News on the X Division, Matt Hardy Update, TNA at Comic-Con, More

– The dark match before last night’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando saw independent wrestlers go at it as Smith James defeated “The Memphis Mofo” Mark Bravura.

– WWE won’t be the only ones at Comic-Con in San Diego next week as Kurt Angle and Mickie James will be representing TNA at Spike TV’s booth. Angle will be there Friday, July 22nd at 1pm and Mickie will be signing on Saturday at 3pm.

– Matt Hardy wrote the following on Twitter after last week he said he was sick and down to 204 pounds: “After having a terrible case of food poisoning, I’m beginning to feel normal again. Hope u all are well-everything happens for a reason..”

– There is a lot of talk within TNA about signing more X Division talents. As noted before, Kid Kash recently signed a deal to return. It was being said before last week’s Destination X pay-per-view that the X Division’s future would depend on the show’s success.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    Vader is in better shape than Fatt Hardy. Looks like Fatt Hardy is on wrestling-edge as Sandman.

  • sandman

    @venom i bet matt hardy is in better shape than you and big macs are nasty

  • venom

    Grapes and dounuts can cause food poisoning? It must have been that McDonald’s Big Mac again.

  • White mark

    Shouldve hired Jack Evans and Zema Ion. Id say Low Ki to but that guy usually gets bored of being in a company for too long and would fuck off elsewhere.

  • TNA Should make the show Xplosion for X-Division action only show for the X-Division where X-Division come as guests to compete and the X-Division Title should be defended there too.

  • Eric Nixon

    Sp after having a match of the year contender at Destination X with the four-way match, they go and sign Kid Kash’ old ass? Jesus, TNA can’t even do good things right.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Someone poisoned his grapes!

  • Marky Mark

    If they got rid of the X-Division entirely i would definitely stop watching in any way shape or form. Absolutely ZERO reason to consider getting rid of that division.

  • MrWrestling

    If TNA got rid of the X-Division it’d be another Hogan/Bishof mistake just like getting rid of the 6 sided ring was. TNA was different from WWE. They are slowly getting more & more similar.

  • Clara007

    I was just thinking that as well @ Myers.

  • Andy

    Cue: ‘Fatt Hardy’ jokes…

  • Myers

    Matt sure does get “food poisoning” a lot.