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Latest News on the TNA Sale Talks, Update on TNA Seeking New Talents, Hogan, Attendance

– Regarding the TNA sale, one group that was rumored to be after the company, which was a name circulated online but never the lead candidate, has pulled out. The group that met with TNA officials a few weeks ago and has been the key party interested is still in play. It feels like a potential sale is cold in the sense nobody knows anything new and nothing has been talked about, and there are no signs of a transition coming. However, the leading group is still in the hunt and talking positively about making the deal. They are looking for complete ownership, and the key, is if they believe the asking price is fair.

There was some talk about the Carter family wanting to raise capital by selling a percentage and they’d keep majority ownership but the party interested is not looking for a minority interest. Jeff Jarrett, who has picked up a lot of power as of late, would be expected to gain power if this sale takes place, since he’s more than likely involved in getting the deal rolling.

– There has been no talk of signing Hulk Hogan to even a deal with limited dates. Hogan being gone is a cost-cutting move as they couldn’t afford his price.

– The November 7th Impact Wrestling tapings from Cincinnati drew around 1,500 fans.

– Regarding Roderick Strong going to TNA, at least as of the weekend there was no deal and he’s committed at this point to Ring of Honor. TNA’s Dave Lagana, who is trying to bring in good new workers, has talked with Strong as well as other potential new talents. TNA is interested in the best indy talent, ROH talent and even getting partial usage of some of the Americans working in Japan with deals.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • MrDr3w

    They give these guys from WWE the title quickly in exchange for the six-figure salary they were making in WWE.

  • Scooter

    Personally, I really like Roddy but I don’t think he has the charisma to succeed outside the indies sadly.

  • Sean Kaboni

    exactly!! they bring in all these guys from wwe and are made the champ almost instantly….rvd for example. sure rvd is a great talent but they already had great talent. tna has no consistency!

  • Jimmeh

    There are many free agents out there who could benefit TNA greatly, The ball is in TNA’s court to bring new talent in but the current roster have fought each other many times before and is getting stale. TNA should get rid of their mediocre talents and bring in decent replacements.

  • Chris E.

    I get ROH on Friday nights on ABC at 1 in the morning. GREAT wrestling but looks so minor league. Just the setting. I think a lot of folks don’t give credit to TNA for their production value. It isn’t WWE, but it looks great on TV. I would really miss TNA if it went away. They have enough great talent, just utilization is the key. Great promos, consistency and pushing who is “hot” are the main areas that need to be firmed up. I am really surprised at how well Dixie Carter comes across as a heal. When they get back to filming in a home base, pick the guys that are most over and concentrate on them.