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Latest News on WWE Legends House and the WWE Network Launch

– WWE officials are still negotiating with cable companies for the Network and there is no set date yet for when it will launch. We do know that it will launch before the end of the year, likely sometime around November.

– It was recently reported that WWE Legends House reality show would begin airing on SyFy in late April. This information came from a run sheet for the show and information told to producers.

In an update, SyFy has not confirmed Legends House will begin airing in late April and officials are still considering holding off on the show for the WWE Network.



    Reality show based on ring crew traveling setting up show

  • Bill

    I hope they show classic wrestling on the network, & not just crappy “reality” shows. But, I’d love to see Cooking with Kane & Z:True Long Island Story.

  • jeff

    You guys need a app!