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Latest On Booker T Appearing At The Royal Rumble, WWE Diva Trends, Hardcore Holly

— It was reported yesterday that Booker T canceled his scheduled appearance at this weekend’s New Orleans Comic Con. Though it has not been confirmed that former world champion will appear at tomorrow’s Royal Rumble, many people within WWE expect him to be on hand for the event.

— Kelly Kelly was a Twitter trending topic yesterday in the United States during SmackDown.

— Today is former WWE star Hardcore Holly’s birthday. He turns 48 years old.


  • lazlo woodbine

    Hardcore Bob is just a fantastic worker, always has been, As for knocking around the younger guys, someone’s got to do it I guess.

    Also, he knows the proper etiquette for addressing Micheal Cole.

  • andre lewis

    bitter my ass holly didnt play politics unlike so many in the business cena and company kissed ass to get to where they hbk hhh and so many more fuck outta here you moron very few have ever made it without politics you dont know shit holly was a good wrestler

  • cakes

    sparkplug holly sucked and always will suck…perfect example of a bitter old veteran getting mad when younger talent take an opportunity and run with it

  • Joe

    Hardcore Holly STILL RULES!