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- CM Punk isn’t expected to be in ‘wrestling action’ for at least three months due to his hip issue, however WWE creative has been told to come up with non-wrestling storylines to integrate punk into RAW.

Surgery is scheduled for this week and as of writing, Punk is not expected to appear on this week’s TV tapings.

In terms of the injury, the feeling is that Punk could work through it, but WWE management do not want to risk it getting any worse.

Credit: PWInsider.com

  • Vic

    Punk*. Whoops my bad

  • Vic

    -17 for Zach lol jk bro not a bad idea though of Pubk being an announcer.

  • Zach

    +17 For Zach…

    ..Oh wait. lol

    Didn’t think I’d get so many points. Is there a prize desk I can cash these in at?

  • allen

    +17 for Zach. more CM punk less Cole….

  • HeartBreakHill

    + 16 for Zach. Punk commentary FTW

  • idontknow2

    +15 for Zach cuz I cant wait to see Cole getting owned by punk every Monday!

  • Shane

    +14 for Zach, CM punk needs to be seen or heard

  • me

    +13 for Zach cos i’m e-cool

  • Automattic

    +12 for Zach. Also a great way to set up a feud for him when he eventually comes back.

  • Eric Nixon

    +11 to Zach. Punk might make Raw watchable.

  • SusyRKO

    + 10 for Zach, Zach what are you gonna do with so many points?

  • Logan

    +9 Please get rid of Cole and replace with Punk. Because he’s CM Punk and he’s better than you!

  • kyle

    +8 for zach, replace cole with punk, like a piper/monsoon thing


    +7 for zach lol just wanted to keep this going. But I do agree. Best option for him

  • CM Lopez

    +6 For Zach….Punk would make me laugh!

  • Davey Zoo

    +5 For Zach, Yeah!!!! Punk is god.

  • shawn

    punk as announcer would be good,only if he rags on cole.

  • Mark

    shame hes out for so long

  • Kelly

    +4 for Zach. That would be the best role for him until he recovers.

  • The Truth

    +3 for Zach- I was thinking the same thing :)

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    +2 now for Zach – the man know his wrasslin’ and he’s EXTREMELY hilarious

  • Ronald

    +1 for Zach. I agree 100%

  • Zach

    Let him do commentary. The man is funny as hell on the mike. Look at what he did on NXT. Gold. Pure gold.

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