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Latest on John Cena’s Apparent Injury from Last Night

– News has been quiet regarding John Cena’s apparent injury in the match against Wade Barrett in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania last night.

The only thing that’s being said is that Cena suffered a deep bruise and the injury isn’t as serious as originally feared. This isn’t an official announcement from WWE but one report that’s going around. We hope to have more later.


  • CiB

    Cena being injured is usually good for the product- in the same way that the top guy being injured always is. It allows the main event scene to be fresh for a while. When the top guy is apalling in ring and booked dreadfully it’s even better.

    Ofcourse, Cena being injured (in a “few months off” way as opposed to “career in danger” way) is actually good for Cena’s career. Being off TV for a while prevents over exposure and ensures that his fans don’t get bored of seeing him do the same old **** every week. Repeated absences are one of the things that have kept the Undertaker gimick over for 20 years.

  • erik

    Maybe now john cena can retired and some new blood can hold wwe and world title. I will say that cena is going to hall of fame just like hogan did in 2005. So what left does cena have to prove?

  • dont ask

    Im not ã fan of cenas I dispise him but I don’t like to see anyone injured he does do ã good job with make-a-wish foundation

  • Robinson

    Marc could you please proof read your shit man!!!!

  • corona

    i hope cena is going to be ok….

  • misfit

    Again hopefully its not too seious, but for all the guys that are waiting to step up, now is the time, that’s you bryan, morrison, dh smith times a’ ticking.