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– After last night’s SmackDown tapings in San Diego, Edge cut a promo and put over the city and it’s fans. Edge talked about wrestling Eddie Guerrero in San Diego on a SmackDown years ago and tearing his Achilles there.

– The next elimination on WWE NXT will take place February 22nd, next week. The show will then be down to two Rookies with the winner being determined on the March 1st episode, the finale. Season 5 is scheduled to begin on March 8th. There’s no confirmation yet on plans for the next season but there has been talk of doing a father-son theme with WWE Legends and their sons in developmental.

– As noted before, The Rock’s 20-minute promo on RAW from 11pm until 11:20pm averaged 5.7 million viewers. In comparison, the second hour of the March 29th RAW after WrestleMania 26 with Shawn Michaels’ farewell averaged 5.8 million viewers.

The segment with Rock returning averaged 3.1 million viewers in the Adults 18-49 demographic, 2.9 million viewers in the Adults 25-54 demo and 1.4 million in the Adults 18-34 demographic.

Partial source: PW Torch

  • RawIsWar

    I’m sure the ratings for the Rocks Return would of been way more higher if everyone knew he was actually showing up on that day… Not a lot of ppl knew he would be returning then, only the internet geeks (lol no offense) knew or probably knew he would come on that day…
    As for me i had no clue and i was sleepy as hell cause Raw was kind of boring then when he came out i was totally shocked and almost flew off my chair which is why I’m glad i don’t know ish that happens till it happens it just ruins the moment.

  • Trixie

    well suckier than us.

  • Trixie

    shawn michaels was advertised so people knew to tune in. The Rock was a suprise, so yeah.

    and apparently canada sucks if they edit so much shit.

  • grapplin gorilla


    canada edits so much sh*t out before we get to see. thats why they start at 915 and not 9

  • yeahh

    you know it just sucks cus were probly not going to see the rock unitl wrestlemania and then after wrestlmania he will just vanish and we wont hear from him for a long time once again

  • V-R-A

    @The_Electrifying_One all these numbers are based off whatever country this website is runned out of.

  • blah

    @ Justin
    I think u hit the nail on the head.

  • The_Electrifying_One

    I dont want to sound like an idiot. However how are the amount of viewers worked out?

    Is it world wide or just the US?

  • Justin

    I think people expected HBK’s farewell and tuned in, as opposed to the surprise of the Rock. Sure, I could have tuned in if I wasn’t doing anything and someone called me to let me know. But I didn’t hear about it until the next day. If he is advertised to be on the next show, I’d see a huge ratings spike.

  • nobody

    Sorry, I didn’t mean the Rock segment being edited out. I meant it being just edited and made shorter

  • nobody

    I’m wondering if the Rock segment or some other segment was edited out of Monday’s broadcast in Canada then, because there certainly wasn’t a 20-minute overrun here Monday. It was maybe 15-minutes, but I’m positive not 20.

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