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Latest “Are You Serious?” Ridicules “Fingerpoke Of Doom”, WCW Wrestlers, More


Road Dogg and Josh Mathews return with more “garbage juice” on this week’s episode of Are You Serious?, including a WCW clip of a World Heavyweight Championship match where Hollywood Hogan poked Kevin Nash in the chest with his index finger, prompting Nash to fall to the mat and allow Hogan to pin him. Road Dogg notes that to Hogan’s credit, his mighty finger “has been used to sign many contracts with creative control clauses.” The match outcome marked the reunion of both New World Order factions into one villainous group, to which Mathews ponders “how did this company go out of business?”

Road Dogg and Mathews also ridicule a vignette of four muscular WCW wrestlers—two of whom are Alex Wright and The Renegade—marching down a beach and ripping off their Monday Nitro T-shirts. Road Dogg calls the group “Fruity Reservoir Dogs.”

Also featured are clips of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart appearing on “The Mating Game” on Tuesday Night Titans and a cameraman tripping on stage during an episode of SmackDown earlier this year. The SmackDown episode emanated from the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, which Road Dogg remarked would soon be renamed “The Shane Douglas Center.”

  • Shawn

    Road Dogg has the hots for Alex Riley. That’s a freudian slip right there!

  • Andy

    In this video Road Dogg looks a lot like Taker with his current look.

  • Rocky sucks

    Wwe current product is way better than wcw ever was do shut the hell up u hatin faggots

  • Bawb

    Look I was pissed by the outcome of that match, but it was more because as a 10 year old, I was frustrated the bad guys had the advantage. TOO much of an advantage. I don’t blame that decision for ruining WCW, I blame the way they concluded the nWo Elite vs WCW storyline and the way they had Sting, Savage, and everyone else who returned from injury or was just there almost completely ignore 1998. The story-lines became a mess.

    Regardless, they have to stop trashing WCW, because this current product sucks.

  • Buttercastle

    @jimmy yes, cuz their YouTube views count towards their ratings.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    It’s really sad for WWE to be constantly trashing WCW when they are no better right now. At least WCW 1998 was more entertaining than WWE is now.

  • jimmy

    It seems like every episode has the hulkster in it , so that tells me wwe still needs Hulk to get ratings…

  • Bill

    Puppet H rules! And if you’re not down with that, he’s got one word for ya… PUPPET!

  • Stevie P

    After that match, I don’t think there was any turning back for WCW. It was a spit in the face and if you think WWE makes their titles seem worthless, this was even worse.