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Latest on Sean Waltman Working with WWE, Upcoming WWE Live Event Matches

– In what could be a sign of feuds to come, the following matches are advertised for the WWE SmackDown live event on December 30th in East Rutherford, NJ:

* Big Show vs. Mark Henry in a Steel Cage Match
* Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton in a Street Fight
* Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Title
* Christian vs. Sheamus
* Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara
* Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson
* Brodus Clay vs. Ted DiBiase
* Tamina & Rosa Mendes vs. AJ Lee & Kaitlyn

Also advertised to appear are Alicia Fox, Hornswoggle and Justin Gabriel.

– As seen on RAW this week, Triple H name-dropped Sean Waltman and Shawn Michaels when talking about his friends in the business. It was noted by some backstage that Triple H did not mention Scott Hall or Ric Flair because of their situations. Regarding Waltman working with WWE again, most believe that he will be hired as some kind of agent for FCW once Triple H’s developmental changes are figured out and begin.

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  • venom

    That’s sad that they would mention X-Pac over Flair and hall. lol.

  • Soulshroude

    Thanks for the @Effmenow. Thought that was common sense. Friends help friends through thick and thin, that’s why they are called friends.

  • tombstonepildriver

    A freind will come bail you out of jail. A true freind will be sitting beside you saying look at the shit we got ourselves into.

  • Effmenow

    Um maybe because some friendships last forever? Just a thought.

  • Ironcross

    I’ve been a Triple h mark since the hog pen match, i still wonder why he is friends with waltman and hall, because of nash? we all know triple h is smarter then most when it comes to drugs and alcohol because he is friends with nash and shawn does he feel waltman and hall can hang ovver their coat tails?

    alot of friendships are broken due to drugs i just wonder why they’re still friends…