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Latest Talk on WrestleMania 30, More on Beth Leaving, Network

– WWE officials are still going forward with the Network. News came out this week that Vince is looking to open up talks regarding launching the Network in Europe also.

– The latest word on WrestleMania 30 in 2014 is that Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York City are in the running as hosts. WWE has outgrown arenas for WrestleMania but since 1, 10 and 20 took place at Madison Square Garden, some in the company are pushing the idea of jacking up ticket prices really high to return there for 30. Another downside to running at MSG would put WrestleMania in the same market two years in a row.

– Regarding Beth Phoenix leaving WWE, it’s believed she is just mentally finished with the promotion and the start-and-stop pushes that happen in the Divas division.

One source close to the Divas division believes that Beth isn’t the only Diva on her way out of the company as one other may be quitting soon.


  • eric

    beth could actuall wrestle. which alot of divas can’t say. she was fun to watch. a real wrestler. who paid dues. busted her ass in indy scence for years. earn her spot in wwe. It is shame wwe doesn’t care about women wrestling or divas. i mean this in nice way. half time i forget wwe has female talent divas on there roster. Because all i see is jacked up guys. i rarley see divas on raw or smackdown. it is shame. it would not shock me. if vince hhh wwe pull plug on wwe divas very soon. That is why gail kim left wwe. took a pay cut went to tna. because gail kim love to wrestle. went tna where her talent would be apperiate. at least we have tna on thursday nights and ppvs at end of month. to see great women wrestling in tna. beth would be great in tna. feuding with mickie james, tara, etc tna is only major company on tv that cares about women wrestling!

  • Wellsy

    It would be awful business to have it at MSG and NOT jack up the prices to accommodate for the loss of revenue. If you’re going to reduce the attendance by between 1/3 and 1/4, you need to change prices to keep your turnover. Those saying the WWE are being greedy doing this obviously don’t know how business works. It ain’t a charity.

    I’d still have it at a big stadium though. It’s only once a year they can do this. You can use MSG for any event, but you can’t use a big stadium.

  • meepling

    do it in uk it will b fully booked as wrestlemania hasnt been in aged

  • Jon

    Like I keep saying thou I think Vince will say WM 30 will be in Arlington Tx in Cowboys Stadium.


    this coming from a company that has held SUMMERSLAM EVERY YEAR FOR THE PAST WHAT 5 6 YEARS IN LA look my thing is just hold it at MSG jack the prices up just cuz ya can and know ppl still gone show as for beth shes right these start and stop pushes get very annoying not just that divison but also in the midcard and the next div will probably b one of the models natyla might not leave due to her family ties with the company but could be wrong

  • King

    as much as i like & respect Edge…but it just seems like if any of this with beth is true i feel hes in her ear about all of this…im not denying or saying these other reasons arent true or possible i just feel hes behind some of it…but overall i just hope these rumors of beth leaving arent true…this would really suck if she left

  • The Dude

    Of coarse the greedy pricks of WWE ould raise the price for the tickets like they allways do raise the price and never deliever WWE is a buch of corporate greedy fucks

  • Bentley

    I’d leave WWE too if I was one of the female talents. They need to go to promotions that actually WANT them to succeed.