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Latest on the TNA Creative Situation, Russo’s Son Quits, Sorensen Update, More

– Jesse Sorensen has been released from the hospital and is back home recovering in Tampa, Florida.

– Will Russo, Vince Russo’s son, had been working for TNA’s production team until this past Sunday when he quit the company via telephone call when it became clear that his dad was no longer employed.

– As noted before, Spike TV President Kevin Kay threw a party for TNA after Monday’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. This is said to have alleviated concerns about TNA and Spike’s long term relationship. It’s believed that TNA’s current deal with Spike expires this Fall.

– TNA sources indicate that Dixie Carter’s Twitter announcement on Vince Russo this week was the first anyone in the company knew of Russo’s status, with the exception of those that are in Dixie’s inner circle. The decision to release Russ from his position as lead writer for the creative team didn’t come as much of a surprise because most of TNA’s creative in recent months had been directed by Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff with Russo and Matt Conway writing the scripts.

Dave Lagana worked this week’s Impact tapings helping with production, offering feedback and giving some creative input. It’s expected that Lagana will work with Conway on the Impact scripts but he is not seen as a replacement for Russo as much as he is seen as someone who was already working for the company and is now taking on more responsibilities. While Lagana’s position with TNA is listed online as Creative Director, that has been his title since TNA hired him back in November to work on Ring Ka King.

Russo began working for TNA back in 2002 and had become one of Dixie Carter’s top confidantes.

Source: PWInsider

  • Jon

    Wow im still being bully on this after all these years. First wf3458 not going anywhere so deal with it. Second never dislike my comment. Third your right on how WCW got bought but those three people created the downfall of that promotion as well as there doing to TNA.

    And certainly not a WWE mark. Criticize both organizations. Just think WWE is better at the moments but wrestling is down compare to the past.

  • wf3458

    Jon you dislike my comments. So show the proof why im wrong you coward.

  • Little Jimmy

    TNA will continue to air, they just need good direction. They have a good roster they maybe need to bring in a few new superstars though bring in Paul London team him with Kendrick and Bring in Gregory Helms maybe team with Shannon Moore or let him go alone and also the X Division revival is refreshing maybe just need a few more guys maybe Jack Evans or bring back Low Ki and Jay Lethal. Gen me are another option for the tag division and maybe WGTT or The Briscoes. Concentrate more on long decent matches though continue promos just not ones what contain any Bischoff’s or Hulk “How many times can I say Brother in a show” Hogan. A great start would to revive the feud with Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle which would eventually end up with both guys fighting for the title. AJ Stlyes should be featured like John Cena is in the E but Styles isn’t disliked as much. Roodes push is good to watch, Bully Ray’s push is good to watch also, so is James Storm, Hardy should showcase his talents in maybe a few ladder matches, same goes for RVD, Pope should be featured more and be given more promos same goes for Anderson. It’s a shame about Desmond Wolfe cus he could of brought big things to TNA. Knockouts division is good enough, bring more prestige to the TV title instead of Robbie “PoundShop Zack Ryder” E lowering it’s prestige. I like EY but god don’t give the title to him though continue his skits with ODB they are pretty funny. Sting as the Boss is also a good thing. If they improve the quality of the current product the bigger ratings will come. Plus they Have OVW now so that could also be a positive thing. But TNA at the moment is mediocre At best overall and I’d love for them to put out a product that really makes an “Impact!”

  • wf3458

    Just sicken me that many people think WCW just died because of those 3. The marks should look at there own dvd Rise and Fall of WCW. Heck Bischoff didn’t destroy WCW he wanted to save it by buying it. He just came short.

  • wf3458

    I just want to prove this WWE marks wrong especially Jon since he can’t really leave this site

  • Bawb

    ^Actually, come to think of it, very well said. If I might add, AOL Time Warner killed WWF’s chances at a legit Invasion angle.

  • wf3458

    Typical WWE mark^. First off im tired of hearing that Russo Bischoff and Hogan kill WCW. The only person/corporation who kill WCW was Ted Turner and Time Warner. Ted sold it to TW which they didn’t what wrestling in there product. So people especially WWE marks should just stop that arguement that those 3 ppl kill WCW. Also this argument goes to TNA. Dixie family make more that Vince makes in a week. So it will run in the Carter family for a long time. And if Impact does get kick out on SPIKE then they will go back on FSN.

  • venom

    Hopefully one day Bischoff will quit and his son will follow.

  • Jon

    Ill be laughing if Spike TV drop them Jason and rest. I don’t hate TNA totally but I hate the direction it took when Hogan and Bischoff took charge. Trust me when Spike dump them it will be like WCW.

  • Nick is Awsome says:

    Tna will always be around it should be allot better without any russo’s floating around. Jason you your opions rite or wrong are bias becuse you clean toilets for TNA. Tna could be a good program with a few changes but keep your head up your ass long enough and shit starts to look good and thats the boat you are in. you think tna is a great product. It can be at times but its not all the time. They have hogan going out and taking bumps worse than a mae young used to do and thats sad. They dont push the rite talent and when they do push the rite talent they drop them for some wwe cast off. they focus on weekly ratings not the big picture they sold a few extra seats having Jr Fatu come in there for what two weeks and then what. Tna will never be in the big time unless they change there direction and there ideals of what wrestling is. WWE puts out a crap product but yet they make millions Tna puts out a somewhat better product and they make cents on the dollar.

  • StocktonJoe

    I don’t see TNA going away any time soon. It’s the only alternative promotion to WWE that has a National TV contract. I don’t know that they’ll ever be in WWE’s league. But then, you can easily make the argument that WWE’s product isn’t in the same league it was 10-15 years ago either. I went back and watched some footage of the Trish Stratus-Mickie James angle from a few years ago. Nobody is doing anything that can touch that now.

    Having said that, a couple of things jump out at me around the Vince Russo era. The article says that everyone except “Dixie’s inner circle” found out about Russo’s departure via a Twitter tweet or skeet or bleep or whatever those things are called. That’s bush league and indicative of incompetent management. A company that conducts its’ business like that may stick around and burn through cash, but it’ll never be a great company.

    The other thing that struck me is that if I were Matt Conway, I’d be looking over my shoulder. Conway probably won’t last 3 months – if that long. Whenever you bring someone in to “help” like this, what ends up happening is that the old guard is replaced. Conway’s days are numbered in TNA.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    TNA is like The Undertaker. People say year after year, it will be the end but they’re still kickin’. Much as I bash TNA, I hope they stick around and get better so they can go against WWE. Maybe not head to head but at least rival them in ratings so the product is better on both ends.

  • Jason

    Jon I will see you in 2020 saying the same damn thing and still lol at you.

  • Jon

    Like I said I don’t see TNA lasting much longer, sadly because the early years it was competition for WWE. It just the ratings, show attendance, etc I just don’t see it lasting much longer.

  • Snark Mark

    Good to hear Jesse is out of the hospital. Hopefully once he is up to it, TNA will create a position for him. Give him an opportunity to earn a paycheck while he recoups.

  • Chris

    TNA management is screwed up, I don’t think the company knows themselves who’s the true booker. By the look of it Bischoff has played a major part recently with his talentless son wrestling…This is David Flair all over again except he didn’t have a stupid ass name like Garrett.