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Latest from the TNA vs. WWE Lawsuit, Another Hearing Set for Later This Month

– WWE and TNA had a court hearing back on June 28th about the wording used by Nashville’s Chancery Court regarding the dissolution of TNA’s temporary restraining order against WWE. WWE argued that some of the language, taken from a proposed draft by TNA, could come back and hurt their legal arguments.

The court met again on July 3rd and ruled in WWE’s favor that the order from June 8th against WWE had been dissolved and that no temporary injunction against WWE is needed.

The court also ruled that there is no need to expedite discovery. WWE and TNA will decide on discovery so they both can make it work with their schedules.

There is no immediate danger of WWE causing irreparable harm to TNA and WWE must immediately contact TNA if Brian Wittenstein tries to provide them with more confidential information.

The next hearing will take place on July 13th.

Source: PWInsider

  • JSmooth

    screw the lawyers and lawsuits sting vs undertaker needs to happen……Wrestlemania????????

  • Nicholas

    It was a bad idea right from the very begining you see the thing is WWE has just as much lawyers as TNA. Vince guys went up agasint the Congress an beat there butt. You think a little company like TNA had any shot in beating Vince in a court room you don’t know Vince that well at all.

  • King Albert

    Where is this TNA faggot saying WWE will lose millions? i posted many times the assclown will go into hiding, i was right.