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- While his executive duties are the main priority for now, Triple H has not called time on his in-ring career just yet.

It’s being reported that The Game is planning to wrestle on rare occasions, but only when the time is the right and/or the right storyline presents itself.

It is likely that his schedule for this year will mirror the above, with things being re-evaluated after WrestleMania 29.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ray

    By ‘when the time is right’ you mean when others are involved in a storyline that is going somewhere and he interjects himself snobbishly? A.k.a. the CM Punk storyline last year.

  • Davey Zoo

    I like to see a hhh and dolph ziggler team. Reason being that ziggler reminds me of shawn michaels and bad ass billy gunn. Then leading to feud with him at wrestlemania.

  • Jon

    HHH doesn’t have it i agree is the stupidest thing I ever heard. He was great champion,ring leader of all time. True his relationship with his wife and family about some wrestlers carrier is questionable but HHH is a great wrestler.

  • The Goon


  • Hunter

    Triple H doesn’t have it? Never heard something so stupid. Best ring psychologist since Jane the snake.

  • Ant

    sorry i meant to direct that message at the first guy who said triple h never had it

  • Ant

    @##..he is “JUST THAT DAMN GOOD”. and forgive me if im wrong but i couldve swore triple h has had great matches against the rock,mankind,steve austin,kane,shawn michaels,batista,the undertaker,john cena,kurt angle,umaga,jeff hardy,randy orton,cm punk,hell the guy even have a feud with THE GREAT KHALI that was halfway decent not to mention he was the head of 2 of the top stables in the company ever EVOLUTION and DX and he knows how play a heel good as well as a face which alot of guys cant do

  • Nicholas

    I believe that a HHH vs The Rock would be great to see one last time at WM 29. I hope there is no more HHH vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania because it is just going to be the samething everytime. HHH got to much respect for Undertaker to end the streak.

    I still see HHH becoming the GM of Raw and Smackdown soon. Just to have a face for the Wwe on camara. Feel he will be back on TV before Summerslam to fire John like he was going to do after the Rumble.

  • ##

    @me compared with the “superstars” that’s come into the business in the last 5 or so years ago he does have “it”. I was never a big HHH fan but after that WM28 match with ‘Taker that was his best match in a long time. That’s why he has “IT”.

  • me

    triple h never had “it” decent gimmick, music, entrance, looks like a wrestler, good on the mic, but in the ring, he’s hugely underwhelming.

  • ##

    The game still has “it”! Hopefully the next storyline will end up getting someone over who needs the rub and creative goes from there to establish him as the next big superstar. SummerSlam or WM29 should have a Brock vs HHH match.

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