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Latest on Tyson Kidd’s Manager, The Rock Wins Award, Bellas-Mo’Nique

– As noted before, Mo’Nique issued an informal challenge to The Bella Twins for a pay-per-view match between herself, Kelly Price and WWE Diva Alicia Fox on her show last week. The Bellas responded to Mo’Nique on Twitter with the following:

“PS Mo’Nique couldn’t even take us down with @AliciaFoxy…. Um that’s called #YourDreamin’ Mo Mo!”

– Booker T replaced Matt Striker on commentary during this past Thursday’s WWE Superstars as Striker came out as Tyson Kidd’s new manager. WWE teased this week that Striker may be sticking with Kidd and there was talk that Striker may be leaving commentary to become a manager until the storyline ends.

– The Rock won the award for “Biggest Ass Kicker” at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards last night and dedicated the win to our US military. The awards will air on June 10th.

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  • Pissed Off Fan :(

    I like Striker too! I liked his gig on ECW when before his match hed explianed things like a teacher. Let him wrestle agian! But yea I LOVED his commentary skills too, hes a guy WWE should def keep around


    I must be out of the loop because I could have sworn that they just made Micheal hayes or someone else other than striker his manager.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who enjoyed him calling matches. Shame he was replaced by Josh Mathews… I actually prefer Striker over JR. He added a lot to the matches, not just stupid jokes(Jerry) and ass kissing(Cole).

  • venom

    Striker is a good manager. He was good with Big Daddy V.

  • Stephen

    Matt striker rules

  • GreasyRabbit75

    I am probably in the minority, but I like Striker. Actually I probably liked him even more as an announcer, meaning I am REALLY in the minority. I am curious to see how this managerial gig goes over for him.

  • thomas

    This is the third Manager for Tyson Kidd rifgr