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Latest Update on Jerry Lawler Following Surgery

– WREG TV in Memphis, Tennessee reports that Jerry Lawler is currently sedated and on a respirator following surgery to place stents into his heart.

They are planning to take Lawler off the ventilator as soon as possible. The ventilator is to provide breathing support to assist his body following the surgery.

Lawler’s girlfriend and his son, former WWE star Brian Lawler, have arrived in Montreal and are with him.

  • bb

    @max, you very idiot, im from London,ontario,canada i been in Quebec many times,it is canada, and quebec is province.

    where ya from max????

  • Max

    Quebec is different from Canada. Canada has more in common with the united states than Quebec has in common with Canada.

    You read a history book you might understand but you are all uneducated.

  • drew

    Quebec is a canadian province lol

  • Jonnooooo

    @Max…..Quebec is part of Canada!!!!

  • Bobobobobo

    I’m from Winnipeg you idiot

  • Max

    Montreal is in Quebec not in Canada

  • evetorres_chin

    grandmaster sexy!!!

  • changed computers witch is why it went back to that name instead of just Manic , so now its back to normal.

  • i wish him nothing but the best , a little story long before i was in the indys when i was a child and me and my friends use to wrestle around in my backyard ( like i think ever kid who dreamed of being in a ring did ) and i had painted this old and on it i painted JR and the king and i would always lay it sideways across a tree and pretend like they were calling our matches. so i do wish him nothing but the best and even if he can’t return to broadcasting it was a hell of a run and you’ll live forever on dvd’s and WWE 24/7 as 1 half of the best commentary duo ever. your in my prayers king.

  • bb

    he has blue cross card that mean cover it everything or vince pay for it …

  • me

    He’s a multi millionaire, and he’s not a Canadian citizen.

  • 1919dpg

    atleast the treatment will be free as he’s in canada.