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Latest Updates from John Cena and Mark Henry, Shaul Guerrero Returning to WWE Soon?

– Sam Roberts has uploaded his recent interview with Vickie Guerrero and in it, she notes that her oldest daughter will be heading to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando soon. This could mean that Shaul Guerrero, who left WWE in September of 2012, is returning to the company. On September 3rd, Shaul tweeted that she would be moving to Orlando in 7 days. Here’s the interview with Vickie:

– John Cena tweeted on Wednesday and noted that he is even stronger. He wrote:

“Everyday I sit here, body recovering, mind racing. Do not get phased by criticism or praise, but hate complacence. I AM #evenstronger”

– Mark Henry also tweeted and says he’s getting better every day. There’s still no word on Henry’s MRI results from a few days ago. He tweeted on Wednesday:

“Family I mean all of you! I am getting better everyday. The shield will pay dearly. That is what I do! For you!!!”

  • xXx

    hope shaul returns, she was a pretty good heel in fcw

  • CC

    The Shield will pay for making Mark Henry injure himself by making him walk.

  • Kaizen

    This storyline with BEST FOR BUSINESS only proves one thing…
    No one has the balls the Cena would have to challenge Triple H and his corporation from beating Daniel Bryan which is sad because a top babyface might emerge from this. Dolph Ziggler Cody Rhodes or The Miz are the 3 options, one must confirm and become WWE Champion eventually, if Bryan will screw Orton somehow into making him lose his title at a PPV.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Just to kind of copy Mark Henry, I would have Ted Dibiase Jr. to cost Punk the match and become part of the Heyman Coalition.


    Should be for the Intercontinental Title