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Latest Word on Kharma’s WWE Status, Recent WWE Attendance Figures

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on May 11th in Glens Falls, NY drew more than 5,500 fans for $230,000.
* RAW on May 12th in Syracuse, NY drew 5,500 fans for $195,000.
* SmackDown on May 12th in Newark, DE drew 3,200 fans for $105,000.
* RAW on May 13th in Rochester, NY drew 5,500 fans for $190,000.
* SmackDown on May 13th in Youngstown, OH drew 3,500 fans for $100,000.

– Regarding Kharma’s status, she has been ready to return for a while but with the recent change in Divas Title storyline, WWE creative currently has nothing for her at last word.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Legend Killer

    What current storyline? Layla is the champ and the Bellas have gone. That’s it! Maybe bring her back as a heel to take on Layla? Or turn Layla heel again and bring Kharma back as a face. Far as i’m aware she’s in her 30’s so they want to get a move on.

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    If they release, then it’s as good as two people.

  • Mark

    well of course they dont the bellas have left and beth phoenix currently in a feud with Layla . So She will have to come in and squash michael cole again

  • Dog316

    She should be a guest in Colt Cabana’s youtube channel since ‘Creative has nothing for you’

  • LSC

    If they didn’t **** up the storyline with The Bellas and had Kharma end their careers instead of bitching about Kharma not returning because it was leaked out (And I don’t see how any other return is different, most of them are leaked anyways, E.G Y2J, they never held his return back) then they’d have a storyline for Kharma…Here is what should of happened

    Kharma ends Bella’s career, maybe not winning the Divas title at first but she can then feud with Beth Phoenix and destroying every Diva in her path. Come Summerslam, she will be the longest serving Divas Champion til WM29? Or maybe she can also fight men. I mean she was in the Royal Rumble. How about pulling a Chyna and aiming for The Intercontinental Championship, it’d be a twist to the title. Maybe she could fight for that after she is done fighting Divas…

    You know what, I am making it official. WWE Creative have the creativity of a 2 year old in High School. I think its time for some new guys to take over and make WWE interesting.

  • xXx

    theMark you are one sick fuck!

  • voice of reason

    @ tyler well said

  • Will Henderson

    looks like Kharma’s return push got put on hold as WWE is slowly building AJ, Eve and Layla up. so pretty much Kharma will make her return by SummerSlam or this fall.

  • Tyler(:

    Reverse Prince Albert talent>looks.

    TheMark – You’re a sick motherfucker.

  • Stockton Joe

    I DO believe “Creative” has nothing for Kharma. I also believe “Creative” isn’t. “Isn’t what?” you ask?? It’s so simple. “Creative” isn’t creative. I mean, these are the people who have given us the Laurinaitis thing. These are the people who think that Brodus Clay’s funkasauraus schtick is actually GOOD. Of course, to be fair about it, the only reason he has 2 minute squash matches is that he can’t go more than about 3 minutes. At least somebody in the organization had the good sense to free up CM Punk and Chris Jericho (arguably the 2 best talkers in WWE). I have to think that they have a fair amount of leeway with what they say, because they’re so far above the rest.

  • reverse prince albert

    i’d rather see Layla and natalya and beth then her porch monkey ass

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    “Creative has nothing for you. I wish you will in your future endeavors.”

  • Jimbo

    Of course they don’t have anything for her, they’re too busy trying to think of ways to shove Ryback down our throat and give us pointless 15 minute montages about Big Show making fun of John Laurinaitis.

  • theMark

    I wonder if Karma’s dead baby is playin with Kamala’s feet?!?!?!?

  • Juice_Man

    WWE Creative should drop the “Creative”. I can make a storyline right now and its better than anything they have planned.

    Make her go out and smash like The Hulk.

    Seeeeee, much better than WWE creative already.

  • TomC

    Just goes to show how pathetic WWE writers have been and continue to be. I mean seriously, they continue with the stupid AJ storyline, but have nothing for a monster like Kharma ??

  • poko

    Nothing for Kharma? Seriously?