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Latest on WrestleMania 29 and 30, More on Ric Flair and the WWE Hall of Fame

– As noted before, WrestleMania 29 looks to be held at Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

The idea was recently brought up within WWE to have WrestleMania 30 held in Texas and not New York City at Madison Square Garden. That idea was shot down because the feeling is that WrestleMania has to be held at MSG every 10 years.

– Most people within WWE are expecting Ric Flair to show up at the WWE Hall of Fame this year, regardless if TNA lets him or not.

It’s believed within WWE that officials have already been “tipped off” that Flair will be attending based on the fact he was included in the video package and press release.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    I am expecting Austin to wrestle at Mania 29, and i am sure they’ll announce it a year in advanced.

  • drew

    i hope they dont announce a year in advance what one of the matches at wrestlemania is gonna be, it was ok last year but i hope thats the last time its done

  • Bonerjams

    The texas crowd is not wilder than the toronto crowd go slap yourself
    Ultimate warrior vs hulk hogan wouldnt have been epic if it wasnt for the crowd

  • Zach D

    @ Effemenow

    Nobody gives a shit

  • CC

    MSG and New York doesnt only have a heritage thing attached to it, its also down to the fact that Vince actually has always used the NY crowd reaction as a way to gauge the success of a wrestler or an angle.
    Its the only crowd that he will base his opinions on, and always has done.

  • Wellsy

    From a personal point of view, whilst it is nice to go back to heritage in regards to MSG, I do agree that WrestleMania has outgrown it.

    MSG can still have some connection to WrestleMania, maybe it could host the RAW after Mania every year. But I don’t think heritage should hold back progress, and holding an event that regularly attracts 70k+ at a 20k arena I’d say would hold it back. The 3 WMs before WMXX had attendances of 54-70k. WMXX and the 2 after barely broke 20k.

    WrestleMania should be that one event of the year that is like no other, and being in a huge stadium is part of that now. That’s what makes it feel like the Super Bowl.

  • The horseman won’t be properly inducted if flair isn’t there

  • John

    Flair attended the 2011 HoF ceremony for his pal against WWE’s wishes, so of course he will attend the Four Horseman induction.

  • Devil_Rising

    Dude, do they REALLY have to keep doing Florida and Texas? I’d much rather see Toronto or somewhere else.

    And yeah, of COURSE they have to have WM30 at MSG. It wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. It’s tradition.

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    i think the only way that the WM29 crowd can compete with the WM18 crowd is if SCSA has a match @WM29 *fingers crossed*

  • Effmenow

    Man I cannot wait for WM 29. I live 20 minutes away from Cowboy Stadium and I can assure you I will be ringside for this epic WM. And I assure all WWE fans that me and my buddies will get everyone in that stadium on there feet and going crazy for every match even if it is a borefest.

    WM 29 crowd will be wilder than WM 18 crowd in Toronto.

  • kenn

    Do you not remember the crowd for Survivor Series this past year? MSG has the best atmosphere of every city for wrestling! Not to mention they started the sexual chocolate chants that everybody now does

  • MaNic

    MSG is where it all began you tool , its called tradition.

  • Shawn

    Not going to happen. MSG is too small! WWE can sell out huge football stadiums, why would they go back to a small arena? Why? Vince only sees $$$$$$$$.