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Latest on the WWE Draft & KOTR, Bill DeMott’s New Book, Bret Hart on TV

– Bret Hart announced on Twitter that he will be hosting Breakfast Television in Calgary next Tuesday morning.

– WWE Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott’s book “The Last Laugh” is scheduled to be in print soon and available for purchase by the end of May.

– Up until when Edge retired, WWE was planning on holding the Draft in June. The two three-hour RAW shows in June were scheduled to be the Draft and King of the Ring. No word yet on what the other three-hour show will be used for but King of the Ring will still likely take place.

As noted before, WWE has re-written next week’s RAW several times already and creative is said to be in a “panic mode” after having to change plans.

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  • Toadie

    lmao… King Ass… priceless

  • lest we forget mabel, ken shamrock and billy gunn…doooooooomed


    @me actually Regal’s depush was his own fault with the whole wellness violation suspension thing. And Booker T got his 1st WWE world title as the King Booker gimmick so he wasn’t just a jobber. I can’t say anything about Sheamus though, idk what happened with that.

  • rob

    i thought the shows WERE interchangable… oh well.

    and i agree about the king of the ring, are there any actual benefits to winning it? last i heard it was an inside insult. I thought back in the day the winner got a shot @ summerslam..

  • keylo

    me says what’s the point of king of the ring anymore? it just makes whoever wins become a jobber for the next 6 months/the rest of their career (see william regal, booker t, sheamus for examples)

    And what about Stone Cold, Brett Hart, HHH, Kurt Angle, Edge or Brock Lesnar”s their careers didnt suffering from winning it.

  • TomC

    HHH was on Smackdown for a year and it totally sucked. If HHH is going to remain in the performance arena for the time being, he belongs on RAW. Undertaker stays on Smackdown … and they can cross-utilize the two.

  • me

    what’s the point of king of the ring anymore? it just makes whoever wins become a jobber for the next 6 months/the rest of their career (see william regal, booker t, sheamus for examples)

  • Bill

    I may have said this before, but for god’s sake, SEND ORTON OR HHH TO SMACKDOWN! Smackdown has been screwed in the Draft since 2007. When a major star did come, it came at the expense of losing several major stars & they would always go back to Raw(HHH in 2008, Y2J in 2009.) Smackdown is the more wrestling oriented show, & while it’s not really amazing all the time, you can always count on SD to show a pretty good show, unlike this past week’s Raw. Sir Michael Cole? More like Sir 40-year old virgin if you ask me!

  • TomC

    Why draft ANYONE . . . Just make the shows interchangeable PERMANENTLY. Let’s have ONE WWE CHAMPION. FIRE UP the IC Title again. Make the Tag Team Tiles MEAN SOMETHING. Bring back the LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT title for the smaller guys.

    WWE is totally lost, in my opinion.

  • Rucdogg

    Panic mode? Today is weds, how hard is it to come up with plans 5 days from now when you get paid for it.

  • U ain’t awesome

    The only thing that sucks about the daft is, if there’s a ppv after the draft and they got scheduled title matches and 1 of them gets drafted then u know who’s gonna end up wit the title.

  • Destiny

    Its about time Creative is actually in a panic to come up with storylines. Maybe we’ll actually get something good out of them for a change.

  • paul

    Swagger is not on raw.

  • Evil Doink

    Why? What’s the point in having a draft when the wrestlers seem to be interchangeable anyway (ie-Punk, Dolph, Vicki and Swagger are now on Raw). They keep shuffling the deck at random throughout the year, so what’s so great about the draft, if not just to trade big names like Cena…?

  • The Great One

    wwe creative have been in panic mode for the kast 5 years