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Latest on WWE Network Problems – On Demand Streaming, WM Warning, Call Center, More

– WWE issued a statement on Tuesday saying that most of their on demand streaming issues for the WWE Network would be fixed by 6pm EST but that’s not the case. Much of the same issues with on demand streaming are still going on this morning.

We heard from a customer this morning that was told by Network customer service that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 issues wouldn’t be resolved for a few days. The same customer service rep said the issues with streaming pay-per-views would not be resolved for a few days also.

We’ve also heard from customers who report they were hung up on when talking to Network customer service reps. Regarding the customer service call center that we mentioned yesterday, one fan was told by a rep that it’s located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. reports that people within WWE close to the Network note that if you want to watch WrestleMania XXX, you should sign-up for the Network long before the day of the show because things will be hectic that day.

  • Tim

    The problem with comparing to Netflix is that there is a bigger selection on Netflix so not everybody is trying to watch the same movie at once whereas you could have 25000 people trying to watch Wm18 at the same time. Yes, you most likely have 25000 people on Netflix at once but not on the same movie.
    Not defending the Network as it better be fixed but we need to be patient at the same time.

  • jedi

    streaming November to remember now on laptop with slight lag every 10 min. ps3 was freezing & still can’t even log into 360

  • Stock Shark

    So far I have maybe been able to watch 1/4 of one video I tired on my PS3, iPad and laptop and same problem. I have no problems with Netflix or hulu WWE has yet to respond to any of my emails either give it a lil more time but fn Joey Styles said it would be fix yesterday by 6pm well it isn’t. Hey WWE how about an apology at least!

  • jedi

    I found 2 attitude raws, my wife saw NAO’S young for the first time, im sure they did not want to release everything at once but it needs more content soon, maybe every 30 release something new. My fav so far is all the behind the scenes stuff like from mania 1!

  • Hey yo

    Whatever netfliix does, do that.

  • jedi

    was thinking the same thing, disconnected yeah but hung up on doubt it.

  • Tim

    Agreed. Works much better on the overnight but still had issues. I am not happy with it right now but am trying to be patient. I believe they will be adding more Raws as in one of the videos they show you can watch Attitude era RAWs but none are available yet

  • jedi

    PS3 works fine for live streaming but after about 3 min of a ppv from indemand it tends to freeze, 360 did not respond, on my laptop I have much less issues. Love the Network but def a bit disappointed in the amount of ECW ppv content as well as the amount of old raws I can watch.

  • Hmm

    I work in a call center, customers always complain about getting hung up on yet I’ve never did it in my 3 and a half years of experience. I’m sure some do, and I’m sure most just like to complain and make outrageous demands like wanting a free year of service because the first night or two had issues.