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Latest on WWE Network Problems, WWE’s Reaction to Launch Day Issues, MLBAM Overwhelmed

– WWE Network issues continue this morning. The main problems seem to be with the on-demand content. The live stream has worked perfect since launch but there are major problems with on-demand content not playing at all. Even in the early morning hours when things had calmed down, on-demand content still would not play. We’ve also heard from Playstation 4 users who still report that the login box is broken. It appears most sign-up issues were resolved around 1pm EST yesterday but there are still problems with content playing.

WWE is asking fans to tweet their issues or questions to @AskWWENetwork on Twitter. There was no real frenzy or craziness in Stamford, CT yesterday over the issues with launch as it was out of WWE’s hands. The issues are all said to be on MLB Advanced Media’s side of things.

MLBAM was clearly overwhelmed as they told Deadspin yesterday that the Network demand for sign-ups “exceeded anything we have seen in 14 years of doing e-commerce.”

Partial source: PWInsider

  • steve

    I had problems with my password last night. I called them at least 6 times and they hung up on me every single time!! I was livid. Now that They finally fixed my issue, I can’t watch any on-demand content what so ever. I am very disappointed with WWE’s lack of help when it comes to issues that consumers of this network have along with angry that the content that I am paying for doesn’t even work!!!!

  • HR

    Well if you use the PS4, you have to type using the circle button instead of “X”, but I also had issues with playback content as well.

  • Tim Burgess

    Yeah, nothing works.

  • stockshark 2

    Very unprofessional on WWE’s part. Plus there is hardly any content on the Network. I still haven’t been able to watch even one video not even one will play and the live stream is far from perfect it freeze’s or wont play at all. EPIC FAIL here WWE!