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Laurinaitis Angle at Live Events, More on AJ Styles & CM Punk, Big Show Insults a Fan?

– John Laurinaitis worked Saturday’s WWE Supershow in Tucson, Arizona. WWE did an angle earlier in the night where fans got to vote on whether or not Laurinaitis would be allowed at ringside for the John Cena vs. Big Show steel cage main event. The fans voted that he be banned from ringside. As noted before, Laurinaitis is expected to be brought back to WWE TV soon.

Speaking of the Cena vs. Big Show cage match in Tucson on Saturday, more than one person in attendance has noted that Big Show could be heard calling a fan at ringside a “fag.” Show reportedly taunted the same fan in his face while hitting Cena with chops on the fan barrier at ringside.

– We noted over the weekend that a fan met AJ Styles at an independent wrestling show and before Styles would take a photo, he made the fan cover up his CM Punk t-shirt. This led to Punk taking a shot at Styles on Twitter. Regarding the incident, another fan sent the following:

“I thought I would add more to your report on AJ Styles. The event was in Scotland and Styles was serious about the guy covering up his shirt. A few of us around thought Styles was joking at first but he clearly wasn’t. The fan had to zip up his jacket before Styles would take the pic. Also I remember something from a CM Punk ROH DVD where he stated that he was better than AJ Styles.”

  • D1

    In the ring Styles is the better worker. Better athlete, better bumps and tells a better story between the ropes (not by a large margin however) outside the ring and on the mic Punk wins hands down though.

  • TomC

    Whoops … I meant “poko” … my bad (sorry)

  • TomC

    WELL SAID, coco … well said !!!

  • Chicagokid

    At least aj took a picture with the guy, go meet punk and tell me all about how he’s a people person…

  • poko

    I consider AJ Styles to be a top 5 wrestler in the world. It’s close, but yeah, I’d take him over Punk. He has an incredible array of moves, he’s absolutely fearless, and the bumps he’s taken are astounding.

    A lot of people who know nothing but the WWE are going to start marking out for Punk, but I watch both and I’m a fan of both. AJ Styles is the real deal. Go watch the awesome match against Daniels at the last PPV, which was a hell of a lot closer to Attitude Era matches than today’s WWE product, with blood everywhere and a jaw-dropping finish. Go watch the Styles/Daniels/Samoa Joe 3-way matches that a lot of people rank among the best ever.

    I don’t care who you think is better between the two, but I don’t believe it can be argued that they aren’t both among the best in the world.

    I think the real question is, who would wear a t-shirt from a rival company and then ask for a picture? Seems kind of disrespectful, like asking for a picture from a Red Sox player while wearing a Yankee’s jersey. My guess would be that the real issue is that it’s a WWE branded item; that it has CM Punk’s name is likely immaterial.

  • Jura

    Aj Styles is the man youre all disillusional wwe marks.

  • yofits

    Joey Styles can kick AJ Styles’ ass.

    And AJ Lee can kick AJ Styles’s too.

    AJ Styles is a puny southern redneck hick.

  • ant

    Ben go on youtube and type in Aj Styles top ten moves and be amazed

  • Ben

    I’ve been watching AJ since TNA was held in the asylum, and while he is easily one of the best “wrestlers” in the world, he really isn’t the whole package.

    In 10 years the only move I’ve seen him add to his repetoire was the Pele.

    He’s also terrible on the mic.

    Punk is the real deal.

  • SYM

    Oh here we go ladies and gentlemen start Saying how ur Savior CM Punk is better to Styles and how you Fap to his every word.