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Laurinaitis Losing More Duties with WWE, Backstage Note on RAW Going Three Hours, Sheen

– People within WWE are openly stating that they think RAW will be back to two hours by January 2013. Even more are hoping that will be the case.

– Regarding Charlie Sheen tweeting for the 1000th RAW episode later this month, Sheen doesn’t tweet on his personal Twitter account but has a man named Bob Maron to do his tweeting. Maron has everything sent from Sheen before posting.

– John Laurinaitis continues to lose some of his real-life duties with WWE. Pete Leone now has been given more responsibilities with talent relations. Triple H has not been a big proponent of Laurinaitis which is why he has lost a lot of his duties to people Triple H has hired.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Tyler(:


    Up until last year it was “FFS Fire Johnny” now it’s all “Poor Johnny”.
    Half of you guys are the most hypocritical dumbfucks on this planet.

    Dislike me please, you’re all CM Punk marks anyway.

  • Matt

    If we’re talking about the tenures of the guy’s holding these postions… Jim Ross, Johnny Ace and Triple H – The best measurement to judge them by is the talent they signed. While this information isn’t well known or compiled in an easy to read list, I think it’s safe to say that WWE continually downgrades the guy in charge of not just handling talent, but signing and keeping current talent.

    And obviously, Jim Ross has the best eye for talent by a mile.

  • Devil_Rising

    Poor Johnny my ass. I’m not HHH fan, but Johnny Ace is terrible. All I’ve heard about him, even from his own brother Animal, is that he’s a kiss ass. Jim Ross was FAR better in the talent relations position. I’m not too fond of HHH’s idea of bringing in athletes instead of people with pro wrestling training and experience, but hell, Johnny wasn’t doing much in that department either.

  • Bawb

    What a strange set of circumstances. The guy started getting more duties as soon as he became an onscreen character. Then he was “Fired” from that AND lost backstage stuff. It’s almost like he got promoted and demoted following the life of each storyline, but why, I have no idea. Talk about life imitating art and vice versa.

  • The Sword of Enlightenment

    ^ triple h is what happened to him. When you are a bigger corporate ass kissing, backstabbing, two faced hypocrite than Johnny ace, you can sink no lower in my book… And before you mindless marks dislike and defend your hero, let me beg your indulgence for one moment… WHO… Is the “COO and executive vp of talent relations (in real life people), and still has a big enough ego TO HEADLINE Summerslam over all the young talent? You got that right hhh marks. oh,… Your welcome………..

  • chronoxiong

    This is a big demotion for him. I wonder what he did to deserve this.

  • Dave

    Best of luck in your future endevours Johnny.

  • SYM

    So whats the WWE’s Explanation for going back to 2 Hours?

  • thetalkingbox

    my name is Mr. John Laurinaitis and I am the ….. ?

  • Hasan

    Poor Johnny :((((