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Laurinaitis Not Returning Soon, Austin on Punk-RAW, HOH

– Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore promotion has sold around 1,000 tickets for their debut show in Poughkeepsie, NY this coming weekend.

– As seen on last night’s WWE RAW, CM Punk mocked Steve Austin during the segment with Jim Ross. Austin is in Mexico filming Redneck Island 2 but replied via Twitter:

“I was in a bar in Mexico watching the football game. Word on the street was some low end piece of trash was talking smack on #WWE RAW. #SCSA”

– We noted before that John Laurinaitis recently had shoulder surgery. There had been plans for Laurinaitis to return to WWE TV as an authority figure but word now is that he won’t be around for a long time because of the surgery.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Laurinaitis LOOKS the part, SOUNDS the part, but his acting is awful and his delivery blows. He always flubs his lines. But he totally looks like the asshole principal of any 80’s movie! Best heel GM in WWE ever, in my opinion, was Eric Bischoff.

  • King

    johnny asshole(ace) plz by all means take your time…no fuck that by all means STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!! its been great without u u raspy ass voice motherfucker..#StayGone

  • sam

    its seems to me like the punk/austin match is building but slowly, i wouldnt expect this to happen, IF it happens until WM 30

  • xXx

    OMFG THE AUSTIN-PUNK DREAM MATCH BUILD UP HAS BEGUN! ..well, not really. WWE isn’t as giving to the fans