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Lawler Released From Hospital and Going Home, Orton Called “The Anti-Superstar”

– The official WWE website announced Monday at 3:55 p.m. that Jerry “The King” Lawler has been released from a Montreal hospital and will be heading home in the next several days after suffering a heart attack last Monday.

“We continue to wish Jerry all the best, and we look forward to him returning to WWE in the future,” the sports-entertainment organization notes.

– The October issue of WWE Magazine features Randy Orton as he reflects on his successful career. The official WWE website has released a preview of their interview with The Viper, who dubs him “The Anti-Superstar.”

The article states, “In Orton’s mind, the fall from the top began when the fans stopped being afraid of him. Back in his hell-raising days as the wild-eyed, volatile IED-driven powerhouse, he could turn a fan’s legs to liquid with one cold stare—and they loved him for it. “They almost couldn’t put their finger on why they liked me, but they knew that they did because I had that look,” he says. “I came down the ramp and I didn’t smile. I didn’t pump my fist. I’d make six-year-old kids cry at live events just by looking at them before I got in the ring. I had this fear that I could put into the fans. But [now], I’m slapping hands, I’m kissing babies…instead of being my own person. I had something special there, and I’ve lost it, and I’m trying to get it back.”

The interview also notes his battle for privacy and changing his current approach.

– Former WWE Superstar John Morrison headlines this Friday’s Big Time Wrestling in Newark, California at Newark Pavilion. (Event Information)

  • Fred

    @ Jimbo – That’s Triple H’s gimmick.

  • Dave

    I’ve always preferred Orton as a tweener. Just make him a badass again. Just have him RKO everybody around. Faces, Heels. Turn him back into a lone, psycho again.

  • Jimbo

    He’s not the “anti-superstar” he’s the “push killer”

  • dave

    nowhere left for the gimmick to go. same with cena


  • art

    That’s awesome news about the king…glad hes recovering…

  • art

    Orton as a face is boring but in wwe all the heels are scared of the faces & job out so thats why wwe is most likely scared of turning him heel..its not like his fanbase is 2-10 year olds…

  • me

    Ortons career has done nothing but go downhill since his face turn…he’s not been relevant for a long long time…and this coming from someone who was a HUGE Orton fan back when he was a heel…

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    heel turn for orton when he finishes filming 12 rounds!!!!! Its badly needed in my opinion…