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Lawler Show Coming Back, Movie Rumor on Beth Phoenix, JR Teases DVD

– Jim Ross has been dropping hints about a DVD on his career. Ross wrote on Twitter last night:

“If WWE ever produces a JR DVD, will Twitter followers be willing 2 contribute their fav JR moments/ matches? Need research material/sources.”

– “The Jerry Lawler Show” will begin airing on Sunday mornings at 6am on the local FOX affiliate in Memphis. Lawler is bringing back his wrestling show because of the success of the recent “Memphis Heat” wrestling DVD. Lawler told MemphiSport this weekend that there will be WWE related content on his new show.

– There’s been a rumor going around the internet that WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is being considered for a role as Wonder Woman in the future Wonder Woman movie to be released. When the rumor was brought up by a fan on Beth’s Twitter account, she replied with just a “#wonderGlam.”

  • Pig

    Good Bye JR!

    Best of Luck in your Future Endeavors.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar


  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    What about when Mankind gave him the mandible Claw. He lied there making gurgling noises.

  • PinkSinCara

    If they make a JR DVD, Ed Ferrara should reprise his role as Oklahoma for the commentary

  • Albert

    OMG im so excited for Beth Phoenix!! I hope WWE dont screw her over with this.

  • rob

    Kane lighting JR on fire. incredibly awkward due to JR’s awful acting. you could tell he was trying to sell and freak out, but really he just looked like a crying walrus

  • 1919dpg

    i always remember a divas match, i think trish v victoria. it was a rough match and when trish tackles victoria, king shouts ”kiss her!” and jr’s voice is just pricless. ”kiss her, kiss her??”

    or the time Foley got thrown off the cage. we all know that one. ”he must be broken in half.”

  • venom

    My favorite JR moment was when Kane set him on fire. lol.

  • Omg I knew it!!!! It’s official can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!