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Lawler Wants Sports Coach Fired, Zack Ryder Tends to Ricardo Rodriguez, More

– The pre-sale password for RAW’s December 28th sow in Pittsburgh, PA is CENAPITT. The pre-sale begins tomorrow morning at 10am.

– has an article up today about WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler wanting Memphis football head coach Larry Porter and athletic director R.C. Johnson to be fired. Lawler wrote an e-mail this week to the Commercial-Appeal columnist Geoff Calkins his opinion on Porter and Johnson:

“This is just a quick note to commend you for … tell[ing] it exactly like it is concerning the sorry state of the University of Memphis football program … Memphis football is a laughing stock to the rest of the nation and an embarrassment to anyone from this city. Stick to your guns, keep shouting the truth…Memphis football will never improve until both Porter and Johnson are gone!”

– WWE’s website posted a backstage video from RAW where Zack Ryder was tending to Ricardo Rodriguez after the beatdown from John Cena and Bret Hart. Ryder ended up pouring Ricardo’s “aphrodisiac” milk over his head.

– WWE has released several of their older DVD’s to download on the Playstation Network, Amazon, Vudu and iTunes.

  • voice of reason

    i do apoligize jir for sounding condescending

    what i meant to say was

    thanks jir

    i think as a football fan jerry has the right to express his distain for the way his football team is performing but i think jerry can use his status as a memphis icon to help steer his team to a new direction & hopefully next season his teams performance may pick up hopefully

    but i have been saying hopefully for 30 years with my own football team they havent won a grandfinal since 1982 their coach is just pathetic

  • voice of reason

    thanks jir as a big fan of a team jerry has the right to write in to air his concerns if his team isnt doing well

  • JIR

    Lawler is actually a semi big deal in Memphis but I know how he must feel as a fan

  • voice of reason

    i think that jerry thinks his status as a celebrity buys him some sway with the team but i don’t know much about his involvement with the team

    or jerry is just writing as a concerned fan

    it’s one or the other not too sure about this one