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Layla Responds to Rumors, Photo of Betty White & Stephanie McMahon Backstage, Brie Bella

– Stephanie McMahon tweeted a photo with actress Betty White from backstage at tonight’s RAW in Los Angeles:

Stephanie and Betty White

– Brie Bella recently spoke with Bang Showbiz to promote Total Divas and talked about Daniel Bryan filming for the show:

”When we started ‘Total Divas’ it was really hard at first, because you notice the cameras. But after around two weeks we just totally didn’t them. My sister is very loud and funny, and as you can see I’m much quieter than her and so is Daniel. He would just be at our house, staring at the crew and would say, ‘We don’t live an exciting life, is this fun for you guys? Because we don’t know if this is fun.’ They were like, ‘This is great, pretend we’re not here, don’t talk to us.’ Now we’re so used to it, we’ll say things and then we’ll look at each other and be like, ‘Gosh, did they catch that?’ ”

– Layla wrote the following on Instagram about rumors she might not be returning to the ring:

“I will be back soon … Don’t listen to the rumors!!!”

  • Shorty

    I agree Betty White is a awesome person Stephanie is a sorry excuse for a human being after last weeks episode of Monday night raw on the 21st of July when she slapped Brie Bella she needs to be fired
    Even Vickie Guerrero did a better job of Running Monday night raw then she did towards her final days in WWE Before she retired from WWE At least VIckie Guerrero embarrassed Stephanie in that pudding match on her final night of Monday Night raw what goes around comes around Stephanie Mc Mahon and it came to you and you deserved to have brie bella call police on you and have you arrested for hitting her I do not feel sorry for you great example your setting for your kids in stead of the billion dollar princess you should be called the billion dollar bitch

  • Jeff Wurtz

    She’s really let herself go. For the first time she looks really old. But enough of about Stephanie. Betty is awesome.