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Layla “Sick” Of Beth Phoenix On Backstage Fallout, SmackDown Rating Sets New Low

— Santino Marella, Layla, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger share their thoughts on Monday’s Raw SuperShow.


— The May 11 episode of WWE SmackDown garnered 1.7 cable rating, down from 1.92 the week before. It was the lowest-rated first-run Friday episode in 2012.

The program averaged 2,530,000 viewers, down from 2,710,000 last week. It was the least-watched first-run Friday episode since March 30.

— WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has been announced to appear for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on June 1 at the Rahway Rec Center 275 East Milton Ave. Rahway, New Jersey. (Event Information)

  • ant

    maybe if they brought black snow instead of booker t

  • SYM

    If SmackDown was live, had a announce team without Michael Cole, had a New Set, had unpredictability, and brought back the party it would be good and would have great ratings. RAW is getting boring aswell so WWE just needs so Revamping.

  • KpNuttzLol

    It’s not Sheamus’ fault the ratings are low. It’s the crappy creative team and their weak characterisation of champions, recycled storylines and repetitive match ups. Hopefully Vince will wake up and smell the coffee right about now and realise it’s his “wonderful” storyline writers ruining the ratings.

  • nikki

    everybody reads spoilers online these days…which us why smackdown will never get many views

  • I remember when smackdown was the A show vince clearly doesn’t give a shit about smackdown and despite what people say moving it to Tuesday will not help the ratings I say shuffle the deck abit bring jericho to smackdown hell even have cm punk make a few appearences they need to do something or smackdowns rating will continue to lower

  • Bawb

    @ poko

    Well said. Smackdown has always been the B show. But pre-roster split, it was used to carry the intrigue of story lines past RAW and would tease fans more with so much tension just 3 days before a PPV. Now, it’s just that other child that barely gets attention. Spoilers, of course, don’t help its cause.

  • poko

    The WWE in general is to blame for the low ratings. Smackdown has become nothing but “RAW recap” half the time. Video package after video package, with very little programming being unique to Smackdown. There is no major reason for most people to watch Smackdown when they’ve already seen RAW. You just get the feeling from the WWE that nothing important is going to happen on Smackdown. It no longer stands on its own.

  • Gorilla

    If they kept smackdown roster and story lines on their show maybe viewers would be more interested in tuning in.

  • Jimbo

    But who will get blamed for the ratings? I suppose this means we will have to sit through yet another Orton title reign.

  • chronoxiong

    Sheamus as World Champion does not = ratings. He’s totally suffering the Randy Orton-syndrome from last year.