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Legends News for RAW, Bella Comments on RAW Wedding, Ryder’s Theme

– The band Downstait recently recorded a cover of Zack Ryder’s “Radio” theme song. Downstait previously recorded WWE theme songs for The Miz, Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler, among others. You can listen below:

– Former WWE Diva Brie Bella, who dates Daniel Bryan in real life, wrote the following on Twitter last night after the announcement of Bryan and AJ Lee’s wedding next week:

“Maybe Nicole & I should crash AJ & Bryan’s wedding… But wait… He is in my bed every night 😮 haha Bri xxoo #RAW #WWE”

– There is talk of having some of the Legends wrestle a multi-man match on next week’s 1,000th episode of RAW. There is expected to be some sort of pay-off angle to Heath Slater’s recent run-ins with the WWE Legends.

  • Dr Killiwiggles

    Pics or it didn’t happen Brie 😀

  • OGitchida

    I didnt know Rikishi was a legend ?!?!???….

  • ##

    Daniel got the short end of the stick. He got the flat chested Bella.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    It’s that time of the year folks, a gimmick battle royal!

  • The Awesome One

    hope taker is the last legend to destroy heath slater lol

  • Buttercastle

    It’s a decent song but it doesn’t fit Zack at all. His current one sounds more “boy bandy” which is kinda his whole deal (Zackstreet Boys).

    Btw that could tweet from Bri make her sound any more slutty? Way to break kayfabe there hoeski.

  • The_electrifying_one

    It’s a good song but I don’t think it should be used as his theme. His current one fits his character better imo.

  • scooter

    doubt he’s there every night being on the road and all 😉

  • WhiteWing

    I think with this theme, Ryder maybe taken a little more seriously. It sounds less boybandish and a little more serious.

  • xXx

    i kind of like it a little better, but c’mon, dont make downstait sing every entrance theme.. ziggler’s is the best, and riley’s and the miz’s are ok too.. i think 4 is enough.

  • simon07

    This song is so much better than the one he has now.

    You could imagine… “Where my bro’s at” (crowd with fist pump) woo woo woo.

  • Sam Peters

    it will be an 8 tag match…Slater will come down trashing all the legends and will get hit with each finisher

  • SYM

    Downstait fucks up every good theme. Ziggler’s is the Only theme they’ve got right.