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Lesnar Wearing Sponsors in WWE, WWE Signs a New Diva Overseas?, More

– WWE released the following video promoting Brock Lesnar and John Cena’s Extreme Rules contract singing for next week’s three-hour RAW:

– Devin sent the following: WWE will be holding a Raw & Smackdown Supershow at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas on Sunday, July 1st, 2012. Bell time is 5 PM.

– As seen on Brock Lesnar’s new WWE ring gear, Lesnar is being allowed to wear clothing that has his sponsors on them. Lesnar’s team must have negotiated a very unique deal as he is the first person in WWE history to be under WWE contract and have that right.

– Sources report that WWE has offered women’s wrestler Rachelle St. Clair a developmental deal. St. Clair, real name Rachel Walker, tried out for WWE back in November of 2011 during the UK tour.

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  • OGitchida


  • anti-american

    cena needs to do NOTHING! he can not be hotter right now, the crowd forget who his fighting, too busy seeing who can shut louder, the lets go cena group or the cena sucks group. must make his opponents pissed at no one caring who his against, also gives all the mindless sheep something to feel their hate filled lives ranting about 🙂

    i love the fact that VKM and cena are not pandering to these sheep, after all, all these ‘keyboard know it alls’ still continue to watch, which also gives wwe more money as all the sheep instantly jump on these ‘legends’ dicks, ordering PPV n buying the sheep shirts

  • Matt

    Well he’s gotsta get paid while he’s getting paid 😛

  • CM Mark

    Love Britani. She’s awesome…

    Brock is probably good for business, but bad for Punk.

  • man

    Wwe will never leave the pg era. Sorry folks but there making more money off the kids then the adults. Kids will buy the movies, the toys, the games, the merch. Its all about entertainment for the “family” plus wwe gets more sponsers if they are pg family think about it the attitude era wwe was almost bankrupt and out of bussiness. So if you want the company to die then ya it should go tv 14 but it wont.

  • scooter

    in other words the model only looked good because paige/britani was carrying her!

  • JayHawk

    They need a new era not the attitude era you had attitude ruthless aggression and the invasion they just need to get out of the pg era which most of us growing up watched till we saw Shawn super kick Marty through the glass at at the barber shop to end the rockers. They need to go back to a more adult theme and push new stars we have seen the same stars for years now. Time for a change in the wwe and bring back old stars to try and make ratings you get ratings by making it interesting so you want to watch every week. A cena heel turn has to be done right to really get him over like when Hogan joined the nwo.

  • 1919dpg

    you better hope vince lives a long time or that shane takes over because stephanie is fucking terrible. since she’s been head of creative the wwe has gone downhill product wise.

    imagine between stephanie’s ideas and triple h’s ego it will be much much worse than it already is.

  • fivo goes west


    The only thing that’s gonna save the WWE is a time machine to either go back to the attitude era and bring the best back or jump forward in time to after vince passes away. Cause it sure as hell now ain’t gonna be Vince and his crap bunch creative team yes men. But like so many others I will still sadly continue to watch in hopes something good happens. thumbs up thumbs down. Don’t matter we all know I’m right.

  • RUSTanator

    why? if cena goes heel, whoever boos him will now cheer him, and the ones who cheer will boo, so it will be the same scenario.

    cena needs to win the crowd back before he turns.

  • Robinson

    What they should do is have cena lose gaina and have him crack and go heel… I know they wont though lol

  • bloodstone

    Brock Lesnar is going to save the wwe yeah bullshit they said the same about y2j