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Liam Neeson Denies Rumor That He Will Play Vince McMahon In Chris Benoit Movie

Actor Liam Neeson was asked during the press junket for The Grey about a rumor that he’s in talks to portray Vince McMahon in the upcoming Chris Benoit biopic Crossface.

The Grey director Joe Carnahan answered first, telling Neeson, “I can’t see you doing that dude.” Neeson added, “No, I never heard of [the movie].”

Neeson added that he has no interest in the role, largely because he knows very little about the WWE CEO, almost nothing about Benoit, and is not a fan of professional wrestling.

Crossface was announced last month. Casting is underway and production is set to begin this fall.


  • voice of reason

    cm prick not cool not cool, are they serious about making this movie personally i would never pay to see it.

  • venom

    I still think it’s crazy they are making a movie about this.

  • Rob

    Bruce Campbell should play Vince. He’s so versatile!!

  • Ricardo

    @CM Prick: Ahahahaha! Great joke.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    @CM Prick, Screw you asshole! Thats just wrong. Sick twisted thing that only a DUMBASS would say.

  • Kakarotto

    Not sure if all the sides and aspects of the Benoit story will be properly handled. It might be unfair if they portray only the WWE and Vince in a bad light. It is a film i.e. reality (from someone’s point of view) mixed with fiction and storytelling (necessary for a film to earn money) but people are impressionable and opinions are bound to form after viewing a film on such a touchy subject. It might take more audience away from an already sinking wrestling business.

    On an unrelated topic, if they decide to make a movie on Ric Flair I think Ed Helms should be considered for the role. His face is similar to a younger version of Ric Flair. Obviously he will need to get in shape and bleach his hair. But I do think that he might be able to pull off being Naitch.

  • TwiztidRoman

    Martin Sheen could be good too.

  • CM Prick

    Maybe Heath Ledger will play Eddie Guerrero. He could get into character pretty easily.

  • Vic

    I think Michael Douglas would be pefect to play Vince McMahon.

  • Jimbo

    The guy that played the principal in “The Breakfast Club” would have been perfect, but he’s dead now.

  • Hunter

    Never know- everyone wrote “the wrestler” off, especially when rourke was a last minute stand in. But I’m personally not interested in seeing it, one of my favourites ever and don’t want to see what happened in his final moments but somewhat glorified and line the pockets of some Hollywood scum bag.

  • Jon

    I agree with effmenow. I mean it sound like there trying to get A list actor to do it but I really as a Lifetime movie. Any ways if this movie come out it won’t have all the facts and in the end the movie maker will profit from it, not any of the victims nor any causes.

  • Zach D

    Liam Neeson is an awesome actor.

  • Quite Frankly

    They’ll probably get someone more sinister, like Eric Roberts. LOL!

  • Effmenow

    This movie has disaster written all over it.