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Lilian Garcia Thanks Fans For Their Support Following Latest Mockery From WWE

John Cena berating Lilian Garcia’s ring announcing ability at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Newark, New Jersey has drawn the ire of numerous fans of the veteran Diva online as they feel it contradicts “be a STAR,” WWE’s heavily promoted campaign to put an end to bullying. A former WWE talent agrees with the sentiment.

Sinn Bodhi, who formerly competed as Kizarny for the sports entertainment organization, posted the following user comment on Twitter Friday slamming their anti-bullying campaign: “I can’t take the #WWE Be A Star Campaign seriously when it’s known what they said about Lilian Garcia and @SiNNbODHi #Hypocrisy.”

The incident was the latest example of WWE publicly ridiculing Garcia following her decision to leave the company in 2009. She took note of the heavy fan support following this latest mockery and went on Facebook and Twitter to write a thank you message.

“Hey my Lil Rockers, just want to tell you that I LUV YOU, I LUV YOU, I LUV YOU!! You are the BEST fans in the world!! Thank you for being there for me!! Xoxo ;):” she wrote following Friday’s SmackDown broadcast on Syfy.

Following the conclusion of Tuesday’s show, Cena belittled Garcia in front of the Prudential Center audience for mistakenly introducing Zack Ryder earlier as “Long Island Iced Z, Jack Swagger” for his match against Jack Swagger, saying “she looks absolutely beautiful but doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing.” He had a street clothes dressed Tony Chimel brought out to properly introduce Ryder since he’s a professional and “knows what he’s doing.”

  • sam

    can i just ask, while we’re talking about cena, hustle loyalty and respect are supposed to be what he goes by right? good things? yet hustling is a bad thing so why doesnt he have a bad thing on his tshirts, i’ve never understood that can someone pleas tell me?

  • TheProudRepublican

    I bet the people who say “chill out, it was just a joke” pissed their pants when Cole used the word “faggot”. Dicks.

  • Angry benny

    can I get to dislikes???

  • Angry benny

    I don’t really care about Cena, but if he just pointed out her mistake how is that bullying? You saw it, they saw it, he just wanted to bring it to the limelight and poke fun at it, insteed of whispering to the person next to you: hey man thats not ryder, boo you suck lillian, he brought some humor to it, I thought it was good, Lillian should make this an ongoing thing where she forgets the difference between Ziggler and Ryder, not bullying, just calling a spade a spade

  • Ricardo

    @Best in the world: exactly. I think the problem with wrestling is not the low quality of the shows, it’s the low quality of the majority of the fans. In my time, we’d cheer for HBK spitting on Canada’s flag (imagine if he did that now). People who think Cena’s comment is unacceptable have no idea what wrestling is.

    Man up, or shut up.

  • Ricardo

    I love the typical IWC fan’s speech. PG-WWE is dumb, everyone hates it, and we should go back to the Attitude Era (when, by the way, women were T&A on short dresses, always ready to strip or act slutty, and constantly degraded in the ring). But, on the other hand, we shouldn’t be mean to people who make mistakes because that’s bullying, and the WWE should know better because of all the campaigns they’re into because of… PG.

    Make up your minds: if you like all your entertainment to be politically correct, then condemn what happened to this no-good ring announcer and even worst singer (dumbest songs ever), but applaud PG. If you think, like me, that there is no place for being “nice” and civilized in a violent pseudo-sport, then you will have no problem with what happened here.

  • Best in the world

    LOL, Are people seriously this butthurt about the situation? It was a friendly JOKE by Cena. This is not bullying in the LEAST. If you are offended by this. I…I really don’t know what to tell you, grow a pair, and stop watching the show. Please, for the love of all that is holy.


    now i have some idea why Rock hates Cena, i bet Cena is an absolute retard irl.

  • Hey Cena, Hustle Loyalty RESPECT????? That phrase just went to hell.

  • Be A Star my ass!
    Cena should be future endeavored.

  • grizz

    So Lilian thanked her fans. I guess she thanked both of them.

  • heyfit

    Garcia is a horsed faced latina bitch of a mule with a MOLE on her face.

  • Bill

    Cena isn’t that kind of guy. He does all of these charities, he always respects his fans, & I’m sure he was joking around with Lilian. I’m no Cena mark, but this is how I really feel. Now, Michael Cole & Co. are just spitting out all of the crap Vince McMahon feeds them. Cole constantly makes fun of her on TV, & the others do it backstage. Why is John Cena taking the fall for an issue that guys like Triple H, Vince, & Cole have been the center of for much, much longer? Don’t even get me started on what Vince has done to JR…

  • Jimbo

    John Cena the hypocrite.

  • robc

    maybe cena was just playin a joke with her. its not like he was really bullying her. people need to lighten up wit her

  • theguru

    be STAR (show tolerance and respect) ???????????????