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Promoting her new music album, SmackDown ring announcer Lilian Garcia appeared Monday night on The Nick and Artie Show, a sports/entertainment talk show hosted by comedian Nick DiPaolo and former Howard Stern Show comedian Artie Lange. The hosts did not take it easy on the WWE Diva and songstress as she was grilled throughout the interview with questions regarding Vince McMahon’s alleged sexual exploits, WWE wrestlers using steroids, and WWE’s futile attempts at comedy, among other topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

– Artie asks Lilian whether she slept with any wrestlers before she got married, and if WWE chief Vince McMahon ever made a pass at her. She says “no,” adding that she “has really good friends.” Artie says she has morals, but then ponders how she could get a job working for Vince McMahon by having morals.

“He’s awesome,” Lilian says of the Chairman of the Board. “This is my eleventh year working with the company. I’ve been the longest-running Diva there. I would not have stayed or come back—’cause I was gone for two-and-half-years—and I came back. I would not have come back if it was a bad organization. It’s been amazing. It’s a great organization.”

– Artie says he hates today’s wrestlers because “they’re all in too good shape.” He prefers “big goofy-looking guys” like King Kong Bundy over muscular John Cena-types. Nick says “they’re all juicing.” In response, Lilian notes that all of the WWE wrestlers get drug-tested. “Fitness has come a long way. If you look at anybody years ago, fitness has come a long way,” she adds.

Artie asks Lilian whether she has ever used steroids since she’s muscular. She replies “no,” adding that she works out and is a jump rope enthusiast.

– Artie asks Lilian whether she ever saw Vince McMahon force himself on a girl during a “SmackDown Christmas party.”

“First of all, we don’t have SmackDown Christmas parties, so, no (laughs),” Lilian responds.

Artie then asks Lilian whether “she accidentally got in the wrong door and saw Vince McMahon date-raping a girl.” She responds, “Are you just jealous of him?” Artie says “in some ways,” and notes that he has “heard stories about him.” He says he’s heard stories about Vince having “steroid-rage” and being a “date-raper.” Lilian smiles and says Vince is “an amazing man.”

– Following a commercial break, Artie takes issue with WWE’s attempts at comedy. An audio clip of a verbal exchange between Lilian and Tazz from over ten years ago is played, with Tazz first asking Lilian her name. After she states her name, he points to his “nose,” and asks her what is in his hand— “nothing.” Tazz breaks out laughing and says, “Exactly, Lilian knows nothing.” Artie says the dialogue must have been so embarrassing for her, deeming it “unfunny” and “terrible.”

Lilian says “it’s supposed to be a simple ha-ha.” Artie responds, “It’s not even that, it’s not even close. It’s not even in the ha-ha neighborhood. It makes all of you look terrible. You’re a good-looking woman. You’re talented. Don’t be involved with that. Next time you say to Vince, “I can’t do the joke.” You have to stand up for yourself. You don’t want that on tape.”

“It’s okay,” Lilian responds.

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    Artie I met you & REV BOB LEVY at Rams head at a Comedy show BEFORE YOU TRIED to kill yourself how you treated her was wrong I kNOW YOUR GOING 4 THE BELUSHI FAT FU– LOOK BUT DONT EVER DISRESPECT A WOMAN LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!

  • KingAlbert

    Just sent him some goot tweets you can check them out, i’m stevenwellerhfc. haha.

  • KingAlbert

    Total shit interview, you can tell he’s a shit interviewer because he talks more then the person he’s interview, maybe watch david letterman and get some interview techniques you dumb cunt.

  • mtlhitman

    Fuck arties donkey shit he is a wannabe howard stern who both look dumb.what a stupid interview !

  • Max

    This guy is a first class idiot. His obsession with sex and rape must mean that he was raped as a child.

  • Tombstone

    Well said! Lillian is a true class act and artie is nothing more than a worthless pile of shit.

  • Jake

    This article really offends me…I mean listing Artie Lang as a comedian?

  • King

    artie aint nothing but a fat fuck with no damn class & no respect…howard taught u real well u fat fuck… Lillian is a total sweetheart & a total & TRUE CLASS ACT & a Professional unlike this lard ass…go lose weight u fat prick…ppl wonder why WWE or Vince dont Want talent doing useless interviews cuz of shit like this & assholes like Fatty oops i mean artie Lange

  • Bastion Booger

    I think you guys are missing the point. Artie knows she never did roids he is asking those dumb questions on purpose thats part of his act he likes to make uncomfortable radio and loves to bust peoples chops

  • pulgeezy

    Dumbest host ever

  • art

    omg…that was a horrible interview…
    Has Lilian done roids LOL shes not even muscular shes just toned what stupid questions..

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