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Lilian Garcia Pays Tribute to Whitney with “I’ll Always Love You” Upload

– WWE Diva Lilian Garcia has paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston by posting her version of Whitney’s “I’ll Always Love You” single on her YouTube channel. You can hear Lilian’s recording below and here’s the accompanying message:

“I grew up singing all of Whitney Houston’s songs as she was a big influence on me and someone I vocally aspired to be. Some years ago, I recorded one of my favorite songs of hers, “I’ll Always Love You.” I am posting my version as a tribute to her, one of the best voices ever! RIP Whitney, we will never forget you.”

  • venom

    Maybe Houston shouldn’t have done all of those drugs. It’s like feeling bad for a drunk at a bar.

  • Malice

    Zach D, u mad bro? Jerkoff!

  • For Real Man

    i wanna see what a forum troll is made of. If i had to guess its either S#!t or hot air. They are as predictable as John Cena’s matches. I bet the next troll will think of the most offensive thing they can think of and poorly post in a cry for attention.

  • zach

    R.I.P Whitney You will be missed.

  • Zach D

    Somebody just tell me this. Why can’t black men stay within their own race and QUIT TAKING ALL OF OUR WHITE WOMEN. I’m damn tired of it and it isn’t right. Our wives will never be faithful to us because they will always be going after that big ugly monkey man. Its fucked up.

  • MaNic

    enough about tributes to Whitney, it’s everywhere anytime a celebrity dies, but when our men and women over seas die, they barely get recognition. Whitney did this to her self..

    Of course friends and family of
    Whitney are going to be devastated, it’s expected and understood. But c’mon, it’s on every news page and mentioned everywhere…

  • Fuck Whitney

    It’s not Whitney Houston’s song. It is Dolly Parton’s song and fuck that crackhead Whitney. Fuck Lillian Garcia too!