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Lilian Garcia Gets Personal On Fighting The Effects Of Black Mold


Blaster Entertainment’s Latin Beauty Creates Revolutionary New Meals for Mold Allergy Sufferers

Los Angeles, California….January 26, 2012…..Singer/Songwriter, Announcer, Television Personality and International Recording Star, Lilian Garcia knows the personal effects of an experience with black mold. While the entertainment phenomenon continues to pave the path of superstardom and is followed by millions of fans, she also has launched a campaign to educate and help sufferers of mold allergies which often go undetected and unnoticed for years. Millions of Americans suffer from these allergies every day. Having the allergies can lead to chronic symptoms including sinus pain, respiratory illness, wheezing, headaches, lethargy, memory loss and much more. What many people don’t realize is that many of these allergic reactions can be triggered or made worse by what they eat.

Garcia’s own experience began when she lived in a lake house in South Carolina for 2 ½ years and the home in which she resided had black mold. It was at that time she began feeling sick and dizzy. Although Garcia moved from that home many years ago, the effects of that experience took a toll on her health which led to numerous physician visits, different diagnoses and frustration. It was years after the move that Garcia was finally diagnosed with mold allergies specifically tied to her reaction to black mold. In other words the mold slowly was poisoning her body. Although Garcia is away from the home with black mold, the after-effects were wide-ranging and debilitating to her health at times, including infections, which required her to be on antibiotics almost constantly.

Garcia credits Dr. Renata Frenkel of New York City for changing her life and discovering that her diet is what would change the way Garcia felt. Now a champion for those living with the side effects and allergies often undiagnosed, Garcia has partnered with Chef Blair Sjoberg in an effort to create interesting and appealing recipes that will help substitute everyday ingredients into traditional meals for a healthy, mold-free lifestyle. The recipes and approach to eating literally saved Garcia’s life and her new way of “mold-free eating” has given her renewed health and a vibrant new vision to help those suffering around the world.

“When I was finally diagnosed and we realized my years of suffering was from that original contact with black mold I sought out every possible way of trying to rid myself of the allergic reactions I was having,” said Lilian Garcia. “It wasn’t until my research proved that certain foods you eat actually exacerbate the symptoms that I was able to cook to live and rid myself of the symptoms.”

Garcia avoids foods heavy in mold content including cheeses, dairy, some beverages, pickled food products, dried fruit and other items. She has created exciting meals which actually aid in the health of those confronted with mold allergies like “Grilled Calamari & Arugula Salad,” “Avocado Soup with Tarragon,” “Spiced Braised Chicken” and “Dessert Crepes with Warm Berry Compote” to name a few. Her goal is to issue an easy to read, easy to prepare cookbook providing revolutionary new approaches to eating that are mold-free, delicious and easy for any lifestyle.

Lilian Garcia is available for interviews, cooking segments and live remotes and kicks off a personal mission of making her healthy lifestyle and mold free personal environment one that helps give sufferers a relief and a new lease on life. Garcia is represented by Blaster Entertainment.

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Singer/Songwriter, Announcer, TV personality and International Recording Star are only a few of the words you can use to describe entertainment phenomenon Lilian Garcia. The Latin born beauty and recording star has captured the hearts of domestic and international fans by the millions. Busy hosting popular television and web series, Garcia has plans to conquer the world. Currently hosting WWE “Smackdown,” Garcia plays an important role in what is often a “man’s world” inside the ring. She is currently recording her second album, can be heard as the vocalist on WWE Diva Torrie Wilson’s entrance theme titled, “Need A Little Time,” which is on the WWE Anthology CD, and co-wrote and performed the song “You Just Don’t Know Me At All,” on the WWE Originals CD. She recently released “U Drive Me Loca,” earning her rave reviews both in the domestic and Latin music industry and is hard at work on her second release and music video. Garcia is managed by Blaster Entertainment. For more information on Lilian Garcia, go to or

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