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Lilian Garcia Returning to WWE, Beth’s Comments to Menounos, SmackDown

– The December 2nd WWE SmackDown, which was a replay of Tuesday’s live show, did a 1.39 cable rating with 1,945,000 viewers.

– WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix wrote the following to Maria Menounos in reply to her tweets about preparing for her WWE return:

“@mariamenounos are you challenging me? Do u remember what happened last time? Dont forget waterproof mascara 😉 #crybabycry”

– WWE’s website has a new video up with former Diva Lilian Garcia, taped backstage at tonight’s RAW in Tampa, Florida.

It’s revealed that Lilian is returning to WWE as an announcer for the SmackDown brand full-time.

  • Black Blue Blazer

    Good thing they brought her back so the Rock can cut promos on her whenever he comes around…

  • item

    so i guess that vince and hes crew havent seen her online ,or they just forgot her boching (in the trish mickey fude she btched the winner almost every time) however come to think of it she brings the house down(up)each and every time

  • D2K

    I hope Tony Chimel is going to RAW. He’s the best announcer they have. Second best all time in WWE behind Howard Finkel IMO. Justin Roberts is horrible. I know he is doing the best job he can but his announcing style is not very good.

  • Ryan

    @xXx i dont think roberts sucks else surely he’d be bumped down to smackdown and lilian would return to raw? sorry justin roberts is one of the best ring announcers in the wrestling circuit right now, a lot of people are clearly going to disagree with me but if she was coming back and going back to raw then roberts would be bumped down so surely he’s doing a good job or they would of replaced him?

  • Chris

    Heh, guess their weren’t as many outside endeavours as she thought.

  • chronoxiong

    I guess it’s a good thing when you have a backup career plan. Lucky Lilian.

  • Soulshroude

    It going to be great to see Lillian back on the mic. Beats the extensive search for lousy performers to take her place. Most of the dames have turned out to be broads.


    Tony to NXT AND SUPERSTARS!!! Yes!

  • xXx

    so, chimel’s goin to raw? cuz roberts suck

  • joe

    glad lilians coming back, she was beatiful and had a wonderful voice and seemed to have a true passion for the business as well

  • SusyRko

    She and Ricardo should have a baby and then the 3 can announce superstars together, and make mariachi music for aallberto del riiiiio!

  • damkat

    So glad she is back…missed her every week

  • blue4everd

    I LOVE HER!! lol 😛

  • MaNic

    who’s the raw announcer?

  • KitKrock

    Lillian needs money LOL

  • Will Henderson

    Lilian is better then all the female ring announcers the WWE has hired in the last 4 years.

  • scsa852k

    @ Controversey = Cash, Lillian is a ring-announcer, not a play-by-play person..
    I’m glad she’s back. Roberts and Chimel suck.

  • Bill

    What about Tony Chimel?

  • Controversy = Cash

    please replace michael cole….PLEASE

  • Greg

    Guess lillians plans for her music career didn’t go as well as she expected