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- According to the Hartford Courant, Linda McMahon will not be returning to work for World Wrestling Entertainment.

When asked about running for the U.S. Senate in 2012, McMahon replied with a smile saying “Oh, I don’t know.” When asked specifically about the 2012 vote, she replied to ask her again in 2012. Read more about this story here.

  • CM Mark

    Who cares. I come here for wrestling news. I can see this on Fox.

  • kriskooo

    @kelly i agree. if it wasnt vince she probably would have been at the bottom of polls. it’s a shame that she spend 50million for nothing thought but hell that’s their problem not mine :D

  • erik

    I mean she did not get destoryed like christy dumb as box of rocks odonnel did by 16 points. linda lost 10 points. she should not run wwe and politcs do not mix. ask jerry lawler who ran for mayor of memphis in 1999 and lost to mayor of memphis 11 years ago.

  • Kelly

    What makes her so confident that she’ll win this time? She got more votes why? Because she is a bad politician, and her husband had to give voters bribes.

  • David

    We all die in 2012 anyways…

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