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Linda McMahon Ripped Over WWE Deaths, Ignores Subject In Her Response

Christopher Shays, a former member of the United States House of Representative who is running as a Republican against Linda McMahon in the 2012 United States Senate election in Connecticut, took the former WWE CEO to task over the numerous WWE performers to pass away before the age of 50: who McMahon made part of her campaign narrative of corporate success and economic prosperity.

“Let’s think about it. She’s got over 41 people 50 years and younger who’ve died in her jobs. That’s quite a job record that she’s created,” Shays said Wednesday.

In response, McMahon campaign spokeswoman Erin Isaac released a statement saying that the two-time Senate contender is focused on finding solutions for unemployment. No mention was made of WWE or the numerous wrestling deaths.

“Nearly 160,000 people woke up in Connecticut without a job this morning,” Isaac wrote. “Linda spent her day talking with folks about her plan to put them back to work. This positive message and Linda’s proven record of job creation are exactly why she is endorsed by more than 1,800 hardworking families and small business owners and nearly 130 grassroots leaders across the state, including 20 Republican State Central Committee members and 60 Republican Town Committee chairs.”

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  • StudDog

    Yeah I agree with Adam also. Sorry I know my job is a little different I just got on a little rant. Bad Day.

    @adam tarasievich
    You would make a great PR man. That was really well worded.

  • Jon

    I agree with Adam. Even if it was answer like WWE corpate respone on the wellness policy, at least that better than dodging the question. Soon or later they have to recongize these death are happening especially when a movie about Beniot is in the works. Mcmahon’s can’t dodge this for long.

  • adam tarasievich

    Ok i agree with what most of you are saying that the deaths werent all wwe’s fault and she can’t be held responsible. But she made herself look worse by not even responding to it. She should of said some version of what you all have been saying. Been like….Yes the buisness i was previously envolved in did have a high number of deaths for people under the age of 50. It was a tragedy and we feel horribly for every memeber. But we also have to point out that the number of actual in ring deaths isnt anywere near that high. Now some of the men who died used pain killers and other recreational drugs which lead to there death. Believe me we feel horrible that it came to that which is why we fully endorse and pay for a rehab program for any superstar or former worker with this company that needs help getting off of them. Thank you. Somethin like that. It brings to light what happend but in no way takes 100 percent blame and garners some sympathy and also some support by showing they are trying to help those addictied.

  • StudDog

    Please do not get me wrong, I am DAMN proud to serve my country. Just pointing out that the deaths may not be WWE’s fault no more than the deaths of my freinds and fellow service men and women are the fault of the President or congress.

    SEMPER FI!!!!

  • StudDog

    Hey! I volunteered and I love my job but someone should have asked Christopher Shays this question,
    How many people working for the Goverment or the United States (ie, military) die before the age of 30 this year alone?

    SEMPER FI!!!!

  • CC

    Lets also look at it this way, Linda McMahon, Vince and WWE can hardly be accountable for every single death in the wrestling industry.
    While there may be 50 past employees who have died drug related deaths, or from injuries, some of those probably only spent a small ammount of time in the company and didnt necessarily do drugs while there or started before they even joined.
    How many other wrestlers have died from drugs that never worked with WWE?
    Its the industry as a whole thats accountable if anything, not one woman from one company.
    Hell, you only have to look at the TNA/Jeff Hardy situation to know that its not exclusive to WWE.

    Yes, Vince and WWF distanced themselves from being a sports company back in the 80s so they were not held to the same sort of drug testing rules, but that doesnt mean they were responsible for what each individual decides to do.
    And hell, steroids are a minor problem, its all the pain killers and recreational drugs that are the problem.
    Maybe one record label should be held accountable for all the musicians that have died over the years.

  • venom


    Not many. Most of these wrestlers died when they were not employeed by WWE. It’s not like WWE was making those guys do drugs. Plus WWE is doing their best to help their ex wrestlers. look at scott Hall for an example.

  • Raziel

    I want to know how many of those people were currently employed by the WWE at the time of their deaths.

  • Generic Troll

    I’d rather Linda than some idiot that can’t see the efforts WWE takes to prevent deaths and injuries, and I mean how many companies will let past employees go into their rehab program?

  • LisaTheSimpson

    I hate Linda McMahon’s shitty political endeavors as much as the next person, but that was stupid of her opponent. There’s a lot more to consider of all the “wrestling deaths” than that they simply worked for WWE, not to mention that WWE has taken great strides to prevent these kinds of deaths in the future.

    Linda McMahon has no business near any sort of political office and I want very much for her to fail again. Hopefully this guy has better tools against her (and he should, given how terrible she is).

  • Buttercastle

    So does he think people will start dying randomly if Linda wins?