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Linda McMahon Smacked Down On Election Day – Loses Connecticut Senate Race

Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy is the projected winner against Linda McMahon in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race, according to The Associated Press and NBC News.

The Associated Press called the race for Murphy just 30 minutes after the polls closed, as he was leading 54% to 45%.

The former WWE CEO spent $50 million of her personal fortune in her failed 2010 campaign against Richard Blumenthal, and is believed to have spent $42 million against Murphy. Between both campaigns, McMahon has now spent a cumulative total of over $90 million in pursuit of federal office. That is more than any other American in history.

An article on McMahon’s loss is available here.

  • Pat

    @man are you really that dumb? they are NOT going to change just cuz linda lost her stupid election, god some of you people are so fricking stupid and thinking it will go back to the way it was, i mean don’t you read? smh

  • Man

    Hopefully WWE can return to being TV-14 now

  • Devil_Rising

    In a word: good.

  • Jesus Jamal Christ

    Middleton is a pimp

  • Lynnrae

    How long has Marc Middelton been waiting to use that headline? I feel like he thought of it a while ago and has just been waiting to pounce with it.

  • fivogoeswest

    sad part of all this is……linda will probably try to run again next time thinking third times the charm. lol.

  • VenomEX

    and attitude era botchamania clips return in 3…2….1…..

  • D2K

    @ONe: You sir, are the man!

  • sdd619

    Wonder if Vince is gonna be upset at the next lot of tapings?

  • ashterk

    OMG she is jus like a writer in wwe and vince she expected the voters to 4get the fact she has no experience in politics or found any success in anything outside of wrestling. And in wrestling its not even her success its Vince and his fathers. All she managed to do successfully involving wrestling was use money from it to lose. Yeah vince did this to go pg and expected ppl to 4get all the shit that went on in the attitude era and the ruthless aggression era in wwe. Typical.

  • Mynameis

    All i can say is…LOL!!! Respect to the people for not being bough out through this unneccesary spending spree. Just give it up Linda

  • One

    I would like to wish Linda McMahon the best in all her future endeavors.

  • Razo Power

    Was she wearing Cenas never give up tshirt ?

  • wf3458

    This is a step for all talent, staff, writers etc. Next all empolyee of WWE. have to stand up and form a union so that Mcmahon can’t trample on anymore worker rights. Enough is enough and the Mcmahons need to know that.

  • Will Henderson

    now that Linda lost, can we please say the words “Sexual Relations” when talking about the AJ Lee scandal on WWE TV please. we all know that’s what you are trying to say but were to scare to say sexual relations due to Linda’s senate run and being to kid friendy.

  • Jake

    Brian Maddox was counting the ballots lol

  • Tony A.


  • FanSince99

    I wonder how many wrestlers were released so this idiot could play politics?

  • Zedd

    Lost twice in a row, Just give up bitch

  • Jerk Factor

    Typical republican, piss away 90 million like its nothing, yet sneer at homeless, poor people for being ‘irresponsible’.

  • Alan Wake

    A woman with no background in politics didn’t win a election? Who honestly didn’t see that coming?

  • chronoxiong

    Good job on losing all that money Vince! The whole world saw it coming!

  • SYM

    Can’t wait for Vince to die. Or a more Edgier product to surpass WWE.

  • Pat

    saw that one coming a million miles away
    and for the people whining about it being PG, this will change nothing

  • Maxi

    $90 million ???????

    Could have just bought TNA & UFC !!