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Linda McMahon Spending Big Bucks, More on Hurricane Helms & WWE

Partial source:

– The Hartford Courant reports that Linda McMahon has already spend $6.5 million on her campaign to win the US Senate. They note that she has loaned $6 million of her own money to the campaign and spent $525,000. She has received at least $11,582 in small contributions.

– Vince McMahon told the WWE creative team this past Thursday that Hurricane Helms “is not available” but did not offer any additional details. As noted before, Helms was traveling last night to the SmackDown and ECW tapings this evening in Memphis.

  • Osi

    Stupid posts like edgehead’s makes me lol.

  • mark bristow

    well said edgehead

  • Forever

    If they did 80’s or 90’s era that would be awsome. the 2000 era sucks.

  • edgehead15

    Great 4 you Linda!

    You are gonna win cuz you entertain the ppl’s kids every onday Night!

    No Linda we are just gonna lay back and totally forget all the bad things that have happened in WWE! You know the steroids bust, Owen Hart death, Benoit death, you know all that!

    Great Job Linda! You stupid campaign brought upon us the PG era! No not the Pg era back in the 80’s and early 90’s, this PG is 100000 times worse!