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Linda McMahon Wins GOP US Senate Connecticut Primary

Linda McMahon defeated former Rep. Chris Shays in the Republican primary in Connecticut. Linda, who has already spent at least $12 million for her campaign, will now face Democratic Rep. Christopher Murphy this November for Sen. Joseph Lieberman’s seat, who is retiring.

Murphy has led Linda in recent hypothetical polls, including topping McMahon by 8 points (50%-42% with 8% undecided) in a PPP poll late last month.

  • TomC

    wf3458 … That’s HILARIOUS coming from an Obama supporter.
    You wouldn’t know TRUTH if it bitch-slapped you across the face.

    The TRUTH of the matter – supported by IRREFUTABLE STATISTICAL DATA – is that Obama has driven this nation into the ground over the last 3.5 years. And instead of running on/defending his record – which he KNOWS he can’t – he puts out ridiculously disingenuous and misleading smear ads – ALL OF WHICH have been categorically PROVEN to be FALSE (if not outright LIES).

    So clearly, I’M not the one whose head is firmly implanted someplace, pal. You need to seriously WAKE UP and GROW UP to the REALITIES facing this nation today.

  • wf3458

    Maybe TomC you need to get your head out of Fixed News and hear the truth from the people.

  • TomC

    @ wf3458 . . . typical misinformed/naive’ liberal talking point.

    Try doing some actual INDEPENDENT RESEARCH rather than being spoon-fed lies and misinformation from the likes of assclowns like Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Rachel MadDYKE or Barack Obama.

    I’ll bet you think that there are NO “rich” Dumbocrats, eh? Maybe you should do a little research as to how much Michael Moore is worth … or Nancy Pelosi … or Harry Reid … or Diane Fienstein … or George Soros … or Warren Buffet … or Bill Clinton … or John Kerry, etc., etc., etc.

    Nice try, though.

  • anghellic1

    Looks like WWE is about to go from rated PG to G….smh

  • wf3458

    TomC how bout you count your money. There is a reason why the rich are republicans because they’re getting away with not paying or getting tax break from the government.

    I guess your that 1% TomC.

  • TomC

    wtf3458 …. your comment may hold water if you actually understood the ACTUAL ISSUES – and not the spoon-fed load of rhetoric crap you’re getting from the lamestream media.

    Good God, it’s amazing how intellectually NAIVE so many are in this country. And the scary part is, many of them can vote.

  • TomC

    @ Matt:

    Are you really THAT big of an intellectual insect that you could not understand that – in the context of THAT part of the sentence – I was TALKING ABOUT THE COUNTRY.

    You know, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA …. THAT country

    You know, the one Obama and the DUMBOcrats have completely SCREWED over the last 3.5 years …. THAT country.

    Look into remedial reading comprehension classess at your local Learning Annex, you retard.

  • wf3458

    Matt your the fucking idiot. That was a metifor to describe what Linda stepping to. And Democrat do have a better shot this time since Mitt and goons tint to the rich like the Mcmahon’s

  • poko

    You guys do know that the WWE went PG for the sake of advertising dollars in the first place, right? So Linda losing isn’t likely to have some kind of immediate effect?

  • Matt


    since when Connecticut is a country you fucking idiot.

  • TomC

    Linda McMahon came close to winning last time . . . and with the way Obama and the rest of the DUMBOcrats have completely SCREWED this country, her chances are even better this time around.

    Anyone who wants to re-elect Obama is too stupid to try to educate anyway.

  • Anh

    The Mayan was right *facepalm* It’s the end of the world as you know it.

  • S_Napalm

    Baby’s first Troll

  • Angry Benny

    Report us, Funny!!I’m literally falling out my chair, laughing my ass off, I agree, Linda will win the primary, and PG will not go away, It will always be a thorn in her side, but thats what got her there first,running for a seat costs lots of money, Vince and supporters make that happen, but despite if she’s in or not, PG is here to stay, Things might change if Triple H took complete control, but that is not for some time if at all, but we are stuck with this for a little longer, I hate it as much as anybody, I guess we’ll just have to get good writers and fill in the time slot in the mean time

  • people shut up linda will win so shut ur stupid mouth u people are harassing her so u better stop or ill report u

  • xXx

    please lose.. ugh

  • Bawb

    All wrestling aside, both Lieberman and Dodd are not returning? Holy shit, thought it was just Dodd. Damn, she has a better shot at replacing the former, but I surely hope she doesn’t.

  • PinkSinCara

    I really hope Linda will lose and her dreams will finally be crushed, so Vince can repair the weak-ass product that has become WWE.

  • IrishRhyno

    Sigh,if anybody thinks WWE will magicaly change if/when Linda loses youre in for a huge shock.Also,and this will get me some hate, WWE doesnt need to be PG13 too be good,it needs good writing too be good.PG13 or not if the writing team sucks so will their content

  • josh

    please lose and retire from politics

  • Bill

    Honestly, why does she want to be a senator? The McMahons don’t need the money.

  • wf3458

    Trust me Linda chances are slim to none in Connecticut. GOP isn’t a strong hold in that state and with all the news about labor dispute in WWE won’t improve he chance of winning.

    Honestally Linda should just give up.

  • Logan

    ……… Congrats, but I’d really love for the PG stuff to end so……..yeah

  • wf3458

    Don’t worry. Connecticut is democrat country. Linda like her husband theme has “No chance in hell.

  • aaron

    noooooooooooooooooooo god no. Please win other guy. Please drop out so WWE can get back to pg 13 setting.