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Will Linda Run Again?, Photo and Video from Election Night

– As noted before, Linda McMahon lost her second bid for the United States Senate. The Connecticut Mirror reported last night that that Linda has already said she will not run again in 2014.

Linda was joined last night by Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and others as she gave her concession speech. You can see below:

mcmahons election night

  • eric

    That would be cool if wwe was tv14 edger again. would love to see wwe comback. i am sick of this pg lame cena kiddie shit. bring back ruthless agression era. end this pg kiddie crap. because vince it is not working. over 500million lost in 2 yrs. linda lost near 100 million dollars. we wwe fans have suffer long enough. end worst era of all time!

  • Fred

    I’m hoping next Monday has hardcore matches, HLA, mentions of Benoit, and a Katie Vick sighting.

  • attitude era

    does this mean i am about to make a come back? ooooh yea baby

  • xXx

    i have a feeling she’s still gonna run next time.. -_-

  • dave

    why would she even want to be in the senate at all unless its for selfish “status” reasons. what are her ideas for society. and all this reaching out to former talent to offer rehab and the breast cancer stuff is ONLY for her political career.