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Lita Comments on the Divas Division, More Anti-Foley Comments from Ambrose

– Below is video of Lita speaking at WrestleMania 28 Axxess about the state of the WWE Divas division. Lita says it’s a bummer where the division has gone:

– More anti-Mick Foley comments from Dean Ambrose on Twitter last night:

“I wonder if Mick would be so happy sitting on his high horse if it was his kids in wheelchairs.”

“I’d rather go work in a gas station than apologize for what I said in Miami, Spin it however you want cuz I didnt ask for anybodys opinion”

  • Jason

    I’m sorry but to even say anything about the KO’s division vs. the Diva’s division is retarded.

    We have the best talent in women’s wrestling and we have the best up and coming talent for women’s wrestling in OVW.

    Women on roster that are great

    Gail Kim
    Mickie James

    Women coming to TNA from OVW that are great

    Jessica James
    Simply Luscious
    Amanda Fox
    Clauda Del Ses

    Are you really going to compare the Diva’s to that list?

    You got two female workers that are at the TNA workers level in Beth and Nattie and one of them is leaving in June while the other might be leaving later in the year. After that you got AJ and Snuka that are good talents but not great by any means.

    You WWE fans live in a dream world and if Lita never wanted to come to TNA then why when she was asked did she say she would be into the idea if Dixie ever gave her a call. That was last year when she said that on her radio show.

  • adam

    @jason what dream match would that be. The only person in that company that is worth her facing she already faced and beat with mickie tara and gail. Also i highly doubt she would ever go to tna she has to many close ties with wwe. For christ sake she is dating the WWE Champion. It would be like chris jericho going to tna. You guys wish it would happen but it never will. That is why they had christian when he came use the countdown to make it seem like chris jericho because you can even here the reaction when every thinks its jericho its HUGE but then when it was christian it died down a little. So Jason go on keep saying oh we could have this we could have that when we all know you can’t and you won’t Have a nice day BANG BANG

  • shorty

    ryback is a great wrestler his debut a few weeks ago on friday night smackdown was impressive and amazing and who cares you do not know what you are even talking about so do not judge ryback aka skip sheffield he is a great wrestler who will go a very long way
    i am a fan of ryback, so dont hate whocares and do not pass judgement on ryback or any wrestlers in the wwe these people work hard 365 days a year for the wwe fans including you who cares so keep your rude comments to your self, Ryback aka skip sheffield is going to go places in the wwe and be a future wwe champion or world heavy weight champion. I am a ryback fan

  • kat

    finally a former diva tells the truth, the divas divison is a major bummer

  • Jon-Jon

    @ Jason

    Since when has TNA’s women’s division been good? When Kong, Hamada, Gail, etc. left, that division went downhill fast. Basically, it went downhill when Hogan and Bischoff got there.

  • Jason

    Amy should stop wasting her time with the WWE and come to TNA. The dream matches she could have with us would be near gold to watch.

  • Zach D

    We, as wrestling fans today should really be thankful for the wrestling we have. The attitude era is the attitude era, and yes it was great but its never coming back. I enjoy watching WWE no matter what they throw at us. Think about it. We should be happy we still have guys like Cena, CM Punk, Orton, Undertaker, Big Show, Mysterio, HHH, and sometimes even HBK. In ten years or so, almost all of these names will be faded out and the young guys will have to step up. As much as Cena gets stale, I still enjoy his character. What I’m saying is, we should all be thankful that we have the current roster of WWE Superstars that perform for us every week that we do.

  • Whocares

    Adam. Great point. As big as ryback is, I doubt anyone even cares about him. Dean Ambrose hasn’t even been on raw yet, but he’s already relevant thanks to a few tweets. And it doesn’t hurt that mick foley obviously is supporting this whole idea and giving him the rub.

  • poko

    If you want to get support from the WWE now, and you’re not 300 pounds, then you need to know how to use twitter. Also, I love that we’re seeing a new talent come up from developmental with an actual character who has a definitive personality. Most of the new guys are boring as dirt at first because they have nothing to communicate to the fans. Like him or hate him, Ambrose isn’t going to go unnoticed.

  • adam

    I like it so far Dean is taking something that will get him noticed and a huge amount of heat fast. I mean most charcters like shiefileds nwe one get absoulutly no reaction but Ambrose as soon as he walks in to a wwe arena he is going to get boo’d and so much heat just because of this its great for him.

  • Gorilla

    New era in wwe new stars rebuilding this house whether we like it or not

  • Buttercastle

    Hey Dean Ambrose, obsessed much?