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Lita on WWE’s New Edge DVD, Kofi Defeats Chris Jericho, Fozzy News

– Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy is currently working on a new album and band members will be getting together in Atlanta next week to record. Fozzy’s next album is expected to come out before the end of 2012.

– Kofi Kingston picked up a win over Chris Jericho at yesterday’s RAW live event in Abu Dhabi. The match was described as one of the best on the show. After it was over, Jericho came back to the ring and laid Kofi out.

– WWE confirmed that Lita will be appearing on the new Edge DVD that comes out soon by posting a video preview on their website. Lita wrote last year that she was filming some interviews for WWE and the Edge DVD appears to be what she was talking about.

  • scooter

    jericho can lose and still look like a main eventer thats what makes him so good at putting guys over. this is a guy that lost repeatedly to evan bourne yet lost no credibility

  • Maltese

    @Venom would you rather main event guys just squashing mid carders all the time? I think it’s good to keep a balance.

  • venom

    Is Jericho back to jobbing to midcard guys already. Remember in 09, Jericho would always be losing to guys like MVP and Kofi every week on raw or smackdown.

  • Bill

    I really like Kofi, but thank god Jericho laid him out after the match. I mean, I don’t want the Jericho who always was booked to losse. Plus, it would be illogical storyline wise.

  • CM Mark

    I agree man, Kofi has been jobbed to death. He needs a new character.

  • shawn

    Kofi deserves more storylines to be involved in, not just come out to the ring. that would be just to keep him from getting bland. it wouldn’t be right to have him forgotten because of Bourne. then there are many more wrestlers who just need to be in matches in shows i care to watch (RAW, SD)and actually win some. the hell with storyline rankings, just have one like Barreta or Yoshi win a match, they dont have to be in a contender role unless people actually like them. that’ll attract attention, partially because that idea will get people to debate. lets face it, people LOVE to argue as it stimulates them more and really get into it. TNA done it, but still predictable. was Crimson liked? no. but try, try again.

    i had this atrocious idea ever since Brodus “Funkasaurus” Clay. no offense but those predictable matches turned me off.

  • MJ

    House show or not im happy that y2j put kofi over. Just because his former tag team partner is a pot head doesn’t mean he should get buried for it.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    You and everyone else, Jimmy. Careful though, if you do, Matt Hardy might sneak attack you and plug ROH live on the air lol.

  • Brian sXe

    Who wouldnt want to do a lot of crazy stuff with her…